Q2 19-20

Report Date
January 2020


This project consists of a number of activities aimed reduce carbon emissions arising from energy consumption, water consumption and waste production within laboratories and associated buildings. Many of the activities will be ongoing throughout the 2017-2020 period. Those that are time-bound will be noted as such.


  • Reduce energy consumption associated with lab ventilation (room air and fume cupboards)
  • Reduce energy consumption associated with lab equipment and cold storage
  • Reduce energy consumption associated with building services (general area HVAC and lighting)
  • Reduce water consumption and waste arising from laboratories
  • Motivate building users, managers and Schools through metering and targeting
  • Develop guidelines for sustainable lab building/refurbishment which are adopted and used.
  • Encourage uptake of the Sustainable Campus Fund (or other appropriate funding sources)


  • Undertake energy audits at key locations
    • JANUARY 2020: full audits were undertaken for the lab awards in Nov and Dec, some of which highlighted energy improvements
  • Development of projects to reduce energy consumption of fume cupboards and lab ventilation
    • JANUARY 2020: the Joseph Black initial fume cupboard rennovation (CAV to VAV) work was completed a few months ago and no negative feedback has been received. The building technical manager is very happy with his interactions during the process, so there should be no resistance to further works. Estates wish to undertake a large project to reduce energy consumption in Chemistry by 50%, mainly via ventilation improvements.
  • Development of projects to reduce energy consumption of lab equipment
    • JANUARY 2020: the Swann equipment report was circulated to SLSG members after discussion. Further applications for SCF funding for lab equipment has been slow this quarter, just a few freezer applications.
  • Development of projects to reduce energy consumption of building services
    • JANUARY 2020:  nothing to report, except see ESME report for details on new-builds.
  • Development of projects to reduce water consumption and waste arising from laboratories
    • JANUARY 2020:  publication of lab plastics guidance has led to a selection of new projects, including a Roslin lab operating a trial, and lots of exploratory work with Waste, Biffa, Procurement and even NHS to try to identify further opportunities
  • Support opportunities for re-use or re-sale of lab equipment
    • JANUARY 2020:  the guidance was finally published in January 2020! Lots of positive responses. One clarification of wording was requested.
  • Development of School plans include targets for sustainability improvements aligned with ‘Zero by 2040’
    • JANUARY 2020:  progress is unknown - this is not something I would be directly responsible for (probably Dave and Michelle). It's also in the new SLSG plan for 2020-2025.
  • Development of “Delivering Sustainable Labs” building and refurbishment guidance document
    • JANUARY 2020: now called ESME. See the specific ESME report
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SLB2 Utilities, Waste and Carbon Saving
SRS - Sustainable Laboratories (SLB)
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Andrew Arnott
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Michelle Brown
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