Following on from Change & Release, the next development for UniDesk is the implementation of a Configuration Management Database and the process that integrates the CMDB with existing Incident, Problem and C&R Processes.

Configuration Management bears some similarity to the common idea of Asset Management, yet is concerned not only with physical objects, but with any components of a system. Configuration Management also has more of a focus on helping an organization understand the relationships between components, and tracking their configuration.
As a discipline, Configuration Management ties in with Change Management very strongly, but the CMDB can be used to aid decision making in all service management disciplines: a good CMDB can be useful for tracking items and their relationship to incidents, problems, or other items in the CMDB.





Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
June 2014 BLUE 108.0 days 115.0 days 0.0