The 11 UniDesk member institutions have recently been successfully migrated to TOPdesk's SaaS platform.

The scope of the project to migrate the member environments to TOPdesk SaaS did not include local integrations which are currently managed and hosted on University of Edinburgh infrastructure.

This follow on project now seeks to simplify the remaining the UniDesk architecture including Quick Calls, Data Imports and the Domain Name System (DNS), currently owned by Edinburgh. This project will enable the Edinburgh UniDesk Support team to focus on efforts related to the Service Roadmap and continual, value-added service improvements.


The project will focus on optimising and simplifying the infrastructure of the UniDesk Service with a move to the cloud where possible.

Project will prioritise a set of fixes / enhancements based on the expected benefit vs cost.

The project will address the most pressing of these dependencies and issues within the constraints of time (to complete by end July 2021) and budget.

Out of scope

The project will not deliver an *HCI-ready Quick Calls solution in 2020-21.

*HCI is Hyperconverged Infrastructure - ITI is expected to deliver an HCI platform for ISG in 2021-22.

NB that decommissioning of the UniDesk Database servers is coupled to removing the person import and Quick Calls dependencies on them.

Objectives, benefits, success criteria


This project has these objectives:



Success Criteria

O1. Address residual dependencies and priority issues outstanding following completion of the UniDesk member migrations. Where possible this will include decommissioning of legacy software and IT infrastructure. 

These may include:  


  • Dependencies on legacy data in on-premises database 
  • Dependencies on Edinburgh network or other IT infrastructure including DNS
  • Dependencies on locally managed application software including Quick Calls 
  • Improvements / Streamlining of the Data Import process
  • Improvements to Quick Calls
  • EOL of any hardware/software components retained on UoE infrastructure  


Addressing key dependencies will result in:

  • Less dependencies on UniDesk team for technical and infrastructure related work, allowing focus on adding value to the service provided to member institutions.
  • Reduced support calls
  • Demonstrable impact in reducing UniDesk member support calls related to UoE infrastructure dependencies.
  • Reduced costs to IS Apps of virtual servers and related recurrent costs.

O2. Define changes to on-going support that will be documented via an Operational Level Agreement (OLA)


  • Simplified support to UniDesk members and reduced support calls to IS Apps Production Management.
  • Updated OLA is in place


DeliverablesThe specific deliverables have been itemised as a set of jiras.

Prioritised Jiras:

Description Priority
Update quickcalls python and package versions Must Have
Quickcalls person lookup must use TOPdesk API Must Have
Quick Calls - log as operator (not Quick Calls) Must Have
Quick Calls: automatic sync with UniDesk data Must Have
Grab TOPdesk config files prior to decommission Must Have
Decommission unidesk-ms Should Have
* Migrate DNS to cloud provider Should Have
* Decommission unidesk data in UKFed Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Malta Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for RCA Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for UHI Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Durham Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Napier Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Stirling Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Ulster Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for SHU Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Abertay Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for St Andrews Should Have
DB consolidation Should Have
Decommission Database servers Should Have
Decommission - remove servers from Abacus Should Have
Person Import change to Azure for Edinburgh Could Have
Quick Calls: log multiple calls of the same template Could Have
Cursor place on Quick Calls Could Have
Quick Calls - Custom colours Could Have
Quick Calls: Next and back buttons Could Have
Quick Calls: hide archived operators and operator groups Could Have
Person Import Process Threshold Check TOPdesk bespoke Won't Have

* Descoped as per Item 2 - Scope Change: DNS Migration on hold

The following additional Quick Calls improvements were agreed in July 2021:

Quick Calls - see all templates associated with an Operator Group (New Filter) (Could Have) Quick Calls - see all templates associated with a Permission Group (New Filter) (Could Have) Quick Calls: Allow employee number lookups (Could Have)

Project Milestones

End of Planning 29-Apr-2021
Agree DNS Migration plan 19-May-2021
Quick Calls API Lookup 21-May-2021
Quick Calls Jiras (1) 28-May-2021
UniDesk DNS Migration 18-Jun-2021
Review Data Import process 23-Jun-2021
Decision on Database Consolidation and Decommissioning 25-Jun-2021
Quick Calls Jiras (2) 25-Jun-2021
Quick Calls Jiras (3) 16-Jul-2021
DSOR 16-Jul-2021
Project Closure 30-Jul-2021

Project Info

Optimising UniDesk Service
ISG - IT Service Management (SMI)
Management Office
Project Manager
Colin Watt
Project Sponsor
Mark Ritchie
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