Project to build a new version of the Sustainable Campus Fund application tool as part of our new MySRS online platform.

The development is being done so that the underlying tool is reusable for future projects and programmes which require a similar application process.

MySRS is built using Drupal 8, Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) and web framework, which is relied upon by other services at the University (including the University website).  This project is utilising other open source Drupal modules which means we can use this opportunity to contribute improvements and bug fixes back to the Drupal community. 

As part of this development MySRS will see general improvements to transition it from being solely focused on Be Sustainable to being an online platform for staff and students to access training, toolkits and funding offered by the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

It is expected that this new tool and the improvements to MySRS will be available by the end of the 2019 calendar year.

Existing Campus Fund applications submitted through the current Crebro based tool will remain in Cerebro until such time as we are ready to transfer them over to the new MySRS based tool.  This was identified to not be an issue and this migration will likely take place at some point in the 2019/20 or 2020/21 academic years.

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February 2020 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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13.8 Development of a new Sustainable Campus Fund application tool on MySRS
SRS - Communications Channels and Systems (CER)
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Aaron McHale
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Michelle Brown
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