Project withdrawn as of May 2020

The Link.Ed project did not progress during the initial 3-year phase of the community engagement programme due to other projects taking priority. As of May 2020, it is understood that developments in other parts of the University (e.g. Edinburgh Futures Institute, Students as Changemakers, Our Health) have superseded it. As such, the overall project has been withdrawn. A project focusing on green audit is not ruled out for the future but is not a focus at the time of update.


Archive information about proposed project

This project is one of the first steps towards eventually establishing a service called Link.Ed. Link.Ed will be a student-delivered package of services for local community groups: legal advice; green audit; business plan review; evaluation.

Under the Green Impact Community Audit, students will offer green (assessing energy use and other criteria) audits to organisations in the Edinburgh area at an affordable rate. Institutions with which the University already has good links, such as the National Museum of Scotland, have been tentatively identified as clients for the pilot phase of the project.

The National Union of Students’ Green Impact programme is a likely partner for the green audit component of Link.Ed. Students will be able to obtain credit for their involvement in Link.Ed through the University’s new Co-Curricular Pathways that have recently been soft-launched to undergraduates.


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NUS Green Impact audits:

Co-Curricular Pathways:

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Green Impact Community Audit
SRS - Community Engagement (SRS)
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Sarah Anderson
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Michelle Brown
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