Q4 19/20

Report Date
August 2020

Key activity in the last quarter:

/ As a result of us awarding a community grant for digital skills work to Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust, we are now collaborating with them to hopefully supply volunteers but also on wider work to improve internet access for people living in Edinburgh's Old Town.

/ Piloting remotely-delivered digital skills course with Amina. Funded by Scot Gov Wellbeing funding secured by Amina. We recruited volunteers (female, most speaking community language) and shared our existing course materials as Amina did not have any and had to hit the ground running very fast indeed. Brendan was not in the actual group sessions as he is male. We're still to meet with Amina and hopefully get better numbers but we know the following for now:

- 5 of our students ended up volunteering, to our knowledge

- Some of Amina's programme had a huge reach - videos on their Facebook pages reaching 2-3k views. But we are still to establish the role of our students in creating these.

- We don't yet know how many learners our volunteers interacted with via group calls.

- Of the volunteers who've provided info,  one volunteer took part in 6 sessions,  (=roughly 10 hours of volunteering) and one took part in 9 sessions (which came to roughly 12 hours overall)

- Amina is keen to keep working together on remote delivery of digital skills training and we are speaking with them in September.

/ Piloting sending volunteers to LEAD Scotland, a charity which supports adults with disabilities to access education. Former colleague Sibyl Adam now works with their Edinburgh team but we believe they picked us up after we advertised on the Scotland-wide community assistance directory.

- Of the students interested, five are now fully trained and have either begun support with a Learner or are waiting to be matched with an appropriate person.

- Two other students didn’t complete LEAD's application to become fully registered volunteers, but did help to contribute to a guide on using Zoom, which was very helpful.

- LEAD would welcome more volunteers and we are speaking with them Aug/Sep.

 / We know of at least one volunteer going to volunteer at People Know How after we advertised their Covid-19 digital skills opportunities. This volunteer seems to have become quite heavily involved with the charity's digital inclusion work.

/ Volunteering with the Central Library has been completely paused, but we are speaking with them about remote working in early September.

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