Priority and Funding

This is a priority 1, funded project.


Impact and Dependencies

The impact will be for all staff and undergraduate students, who will be able to add the meetings to their calendar to reflect the meetings set up in their Personal Tutor notes.

The expected limitations will be:

  • The meeting schedule will be sent as an attachment to an email, meaning that staff and students would have to open the file to add it to their calendar (this limitation has the associated benefit that the user can save the meeting to the electronic diary of their choice).  Note this will depend on email client which may perform an automatic action without  need for user intervention.
  • If a meeting is cancelled this would not be sent as an attachment, though any new meetings scheduled would be - this could potentially lead to two meetings in the calendar when only one is valid. The wording of the cancellation email will need updated to reflect that the participant will need to take action to avoid this situation.
  • If a participant deletes a meeting from their electronic diary this will not be notified to the other participant, nor deleted from the meeting set up in the Notes functions.
  • Due to confidentiality restrictions the description will link to the main view notes page, allowing participants to view   material which may be of a confidential nature.
    • No location is currently captured in the current meetings fields, so no location will be set within the calendar attachment.
  • All meetings will have to have a default duration set. [Note from Project Sponsor: this should be 20 minutes for all meetings initially.]

The expected dependencies are on:

  • The implementation of Office365, the timing for the deployment of the Office365 project, and the ability to add a meeting to Office365
  • The concurrent work on SSG004, ESS Small Enhancements, which may work on the same code base. Close communication will be needed between the teams to avoid any code being deployed to LIVE that has not been tested, and to apply changes in retrospect from ESS Small Enhancements to this code base to ensure any changes that have been put LIVE are not overwritten.

Project Info

ESS Meetings in Calendar
USG Portfolio Projects (OTHUSG)
Project Manager
Sheila Fraser
Project Sponsor
Ian Pirie
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