SAAS have introduced a requirement for HEIs to confirm student attendance and to notify SAAS of Changes in Circumstances via file interaction.  SAAS’s requirements were finalised late and have flaws. SAAS has subsequently confirmed that HEIs can phase implementation – student attendance and withdrawals must be notified via the file process for 11/12, change of circumstances for 12/13.

Tribal will deliver base software to enable -     (a) load of the file received from SAAS,   -     (b) data store of decisions to be returned to SAAS, and -     (c) export of file to be sent to SAAS. This software is due for release via a Software Update by 22 July.

Each HEI must define processes internally, and configure/develop the software to populate appropriate outcomes into the data store.

Delivery of  SAAS Attendance Confirmation processes will be covered by Annual Plan 12-044 consisting of 75 days IS Applications effort. It will now be managed by 1 project STU208.

Phase 1


- confirmation of enrolment - confirmation of non-attendance (student expected but failed to attend) - confirmation of non-attendance (student unknown to the institution) - confirmation of continuing attendance - notification of withdrawals

Broken down in to 3 sub sections:

P1.1 covers the imported file from SAAS with amendments from Tribal - delivered 5/09/11 P1.2 covers the exported file to SAAS - delivered 27/09/11 P1.3 covers the transfers and changes between both academic years

Phase 2 now referred to as Phase 4

This phase will provide additional improvements to the existing matching and status calculation process. Tribal agreed updates on April 18th. - Latest tribal updates are expected end of June for Phase 4.

This work is now being covered together in Phase 4.

Phase 4 SAAS batch processing and 12/13 updates

This phase will provide a number of processes among them, improving robustness, preventing update of historical SAAS Attendance Data in SITS that has already been returned to SAAS, plus more processes. The SAAS date for the new session is 1st August. This Phase has been simplified as well. Estimates were considered in late June and will be re-viewed after the Tribal update due at the end of June. This Phase will continue into 2012/13 and will include amendments to existing status calculations, population of all additional information required by SAAS for the changes, plus more processes.


N.B. this project was started before the move to the new projects website, so documentation is only shown from 6th August 2012.   Documentation prior to this can be found on the old site at


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