This project is the first  implementation phase (Phase 3) of the Shared Academic Timetabling project. This project builds on Shared Academic Timetabling Phase 1 (STU173) and Phase 2 (STU192) which established the  business case , secured funding and delivered the procurement.   The implementation phase will be split into 2 projects - this first project will deliver the Year 1 Minimum Change project , including replacing the EBIS Room Booking system , and delivering Scientia's Enterprise Timetabling solution to local school timetablers. The Shared Academic Timetabling project addresses the following strategic goals identified in the Phase 1 Business Case and White Paper:

  • Student focused, coherent institutional timetabling which enhances student experience
  • Improved information and tools to support the effective use of University resources
  • Improvements to the management of curricula and academic timetables
  • More effective provision and use of learning and teaching space
  • Greater flexibility in managing staff teaching time
  • More effective use of administrative staff resources
  • Supporting family-friendly policies
  • Improved curriculum planning  



N.B. this project was started before the move to the new projects website, so documentation is only shown from 6th August 2012.   Documentation prior to this can be found on the old site at

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Shared Academic Timetabling - Year 1 - Minimum Change Implementation
Student Services (STU)
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Jamie Thin
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Nigel Brown
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