SMART (Student Marks And Records Tool) is a system that was originally developed for the School of Biological Sciences in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) to manage course marking for first and second year students approximately 10 years ago. It has subsequently been developed and adapted for other Schools, and more recently adopted by the Business School and Divinity within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). There are several features that need adapted or developed to enable the Business School and Divinity to use SMART for the next exam diet in May. This will also support other Schools within CHSS in adopting SMART if they opt to do so.

The objectives are to develop the following areas of functionality within SMART, test them, and promote them to LIVE before the preparations begin for the next exam diet, i.e. by the end of March 2012. It is accepted that it will not be possible to develop all of the areas listed below within the initial timescales, and may not all be able to be developed within the budget, in which case they will be developed in order:

  1. Produce progression and classification sheets for CHSS.
  2. Produce a single, combined, new report for exam boards.
  3. Produce an extract in XML format that can be uploaded by Registry.
  4. Improve the speed of the batch validation process.
  5. Develop functionality to enable post-graduate taught progression.
  6. Develop functionality for placement marks of Pass/Fail for Education, Social Work and Nursing students. The current system uses marks to determine Pass/Fail, which have a knock-on effect on percentages and averages for progression and classification. For placements only a Pass/Fail is available, and this marking type must be reflected within the assessment structure without detrimental knock-on effects to other courses or to the students.

All project documentation prior to 6th August can be found at

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SMART Enhancements for HSS
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