Completion Report

Project Summary:

Were the project goals met? Yes -The scope of this project was to migrate the redeveloped booking systems for PG Open Day and Tours and their administration interface to the LAMP server provided by IS.

Were the project deliverables fully or partially accomplished? Fully

The agreed objectives/deliverables were all met:

RefObjectives Priority
O1Install infrastructure for running the service and allow the development to be migrated, tested and changed if requiredMandatory
 D1Create new environments Dev, Test, Live  
 D2Migrate the two applications (PG Open Day and Tours) 
 D3Migrate its data 
 D4Secure data 
O2 Documents Mandatory
 D5Technical Architect Document TAD 
 D6 System Description Document SDD 
O3 Load Test applicationsHighly Desirable
 D7Capacity and Performance document  

Did the project deliver a solution to the problems being addressed?  Yes

  • Development efforts were spent prior to this project in March 13 to bring the code in-line with IS Apps standards, essentially as a pre-requisite to hosting on our infrastructure.

That includes not requiring code changes for routine administration such as editing the open days/tours available to students, so that the Apps Management team can support the application. It also ensures it meets web browser compatibility and database design standards. It was then left at a standstill waiting for funding to deploy/test it.

  • Further effort was spent during this Migration project to make minor enhancements brought forward by users during testing. There were functionality changes on top of the build done in March in order for it to pass UAT, meaning it was a bigger task than initially anticipated.
  • Finally post go Live bugs/enhancements were identified. Once funding was agreed, they were fixed and tested. Details of the bugs/enhancements are mentioned below.

Does the Project Sponsor agree that this project can be closed at this time? Yes

Cost Summary
IS Apps Staff Resources Estimated on Project Brief (Days)29 days IS Apps resource 
Actual IS Apps Staff Resources Used (% Variance)44.5 days IS Apps resource 
Other Resources Estimated on Project Brief (Money)N/A
Actual Other Resources Used (%Variance)N/A
Planned Delivery Date (go Live) from Project Brief26/9/13
Actual Delivery Date (go Live)8/10/13
Post go live issues deployed to LIVE14/5/14


Review Contributors


Ross Nicoll, 1/11/13: initial review of the project completion

Riky Harris, 30/10/13: initial review of the project completion

Suran Perera/Brian Denholm  initial review of the project completion and  19/5/14 after post go live fixes

Niall Bradley initial review of the project completion Nov 13

Jane Johnston (on behalf of sponsor)  initial review of the project completion Nov 13, and  7/5/14  after post go live fixes

Franck Bergeret: May 2014


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 29 days

Staff Usage Actual: 44.5 days

Staff Usage Variance: 53%

Other Resource Estimate: 0 days

Other Resource Actual: 0 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

.Project Manager's Commentary on Reasons For Variance From Plans

Delivered  all deliverables. Budget exceeded due to :

- increased effort to complete the load test. A new staff was assigned to the test and required extra effort and support from peer. 

- increased time spent on addressing data issues and making minor improvements to the initial build done in March 13. This was a consequence of the initial build, which had not been tested by users, and functionality changes in order for it to pass UAT.

- increased effort to adress post live issues as part of this project (9.5d)

Delay in actual Go Live due to production resource effort priority during and after freshers' week.  

-Post go live issues: delay due to

Key Learning Points:

.Consider in particular:

1. What went well?

All objectives were addressed. Extensive user testing completed (including load test) and further improvements to both Tours and PG Open Day sapplications were made to the initial development done earlier in the year, as requested by users.

2. What didn't go so well?

Unplanned enhancements/issues raised by users after post go live.

-Two UniDesk calls have now been raised, which have been addressed by support with the developer's help. 

-Another post live issue was highlighted on 22/11 on PGOD and recorded as I131122-0095. It affected users making a booking  the same day. A temporary fix was done trhe same morning and a permanent fix deployed 25/11/13.

-Agreed further funding to do post the go live issues mentioned below: 3 bugs and 3 enhancements as per issue off by users and deployed to Live on 14/5/14

Estimate to complete work: 9.5d

3. If you had a project like this again, what would you improve?

- Factor extra effort for testing and supporting the enhancements/addressing queries from UAT.

- Prioritise deployment in relation to other work taking place, especially so close after freshers' week. 

Outstanding issues:

.None, all post live issues have been addressed and deployed to Live on 14/5/14, tested and signed off by users on 21/5/14

Project Info

Open Days and Tours Migration
Student Services (STU)
Project Manager
Franck Bergeret
Project Sponsor
Rebecca Gaukroger
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