UK legislation makes discrimination against disabled people, including students unlawful. Recommending support in the form of “reasonable adjustments”, is intended to ensure that disabled students, including those with mental health problems and specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia, have an equal opportunity to fully access their course of study. This project will help to meet the requirements of this legislation by increasing visibility of these adjustments to key staff in the University to help ensure that these adjustments are implemented.

Support (reasonable adjustments) for disabled students is recommended by the Student Disability Service. Adjustments are stored and distributed by the Student Disability Service database and web applications. This restricts the data to a limited number of individuals. Improved visibility is sought so that appropriate staff can easily see a student’s adjustments to increase the likelihood that these adjustments are always put in place.

This project is to:

- display the reasonable adjustments needed by a disabled student in the system that they can be visible by a wider range of business users.

- replace an old and basic email system that can only be used by Course Organisers and Course Secretaries and enable Students and Personal Tutors to easily check what adjustments they have, or what their students have, at any time.



RADIUM Enhancements (incl Reasonable Adjustments)


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