Priority and Funding

This project is NORMAL priority. It is core-funded, from the GDPR Programme portfolio Budget.

The estimate at end of planning is 30 days.


Impact and Dependencies

This Project should have minimal impact on LIVE operations as the changes can co-exist with the existing categories. The associated documentation will need to be written to be include in the planning process by the business owners, within this and future planning rounds.

This Project heavily depends upon the availability of the Records Management team throughout the Project Lifecycle.  Their role is to ensure that the changes that are developed with have the desired outcome that will ensure compliance to the GDP Regulator.  

UAT will also be performed by the Records Management team but there is a dependency on some support from the Project and Testing service team for the new functionality, the co-existing with current functionality and the redundancy of the old categories together with the searchability of the documentation.  The UAT scripts that are available are a few years old and require updating and review to ensure the Quality of the Project deliverables.

There is a dependency on the knowledge of the Records Management team throughout the Project Lifecycle.  New resources have been recruited to support the volume of work on the team.  It is crucial to the success of the project that we have experienced staff available and accessible without incurring delays.

Business Readiness depends on the Records Management Team ensuring awareness and preparedness of new procedures and processes at the various stages of the Project plus the Project manager ensuring clear and timely project communications to key Stakeholders.

Project Risks

Ref Title Initial Risk Current Risk Status Management Approach Risk Owner Date of Last Review  
1 Records Management Availability GREEN GREEN Open Retain Sara Cranston 21-Nov-2017


2 Software Development resources AMBER GREEN Open Avoid Megan Graham 11-Dec-2017


3 Definition of response time unclear AMBER GREEN Open Avoid Sara Cranston 14-Dec-2017


4 Regulatory requirements may change GREEN GREEN Open Retain Sara Cranston 14-Dec-2017


5 Rework to undo some of the development impacting on costs and resources AMBER GREEN Open Retain Megan Graham 11-Dec-2017


6 Development and TEST environment may not be suitable for the Project Purposes GREEN GREEN Open Retain Martin Jones 19-Dec-2017


7 conflict for project team resources GREEN GREEN Open Avoid Megan Graham 19-Dec-2017


Project Info

Freedom of Information GDPR Updates
Student Services (STU)
Management Office
Project Manager
Morna Findlay
Project Sponsor
Sara Cranston
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Programme Priority
Overall Priority