1. Meeting held 23/10

Present: Fraser Muir (HSS), Abdul Majothi, Mike Holmes (USD), Rachel Lacaille (SACS), Andrew McFarlane, Maurice Franceschi, David Watters, David Smyth , Franck Bergeret (IS Apps)


1. Roles and responsibilities

- System ownership

With the transfer of ownership of SMART from USD to SACS taking place on 1st Nov, there is question whether SACS should not be taking the Senior Role for that project. That would avoid confusion with users when it comes to user support.

Action: Fraser to discuss and agree with Karen Osterburg (SACS)

- Project sponsor to be Fraser (and not Janet Rennie)

- Fraser to ensure that HSS users are engaged with this project for requirements and testing, as well as CSE users for testing.

12/11 Update: Senior User role to be done by Mike Holmes (USD)

2. Deliverables

Agreed the following three deliverables must be done:

- test system scalability  as all HSS schools but one are likely to use SMART (from current 2 HSS schools).

- Pass/Fail and handling zeros enhancement .

- Reporting: 2 reports being designed by Andrew (IS Service Management)


As well as enhancements to be prioritised from the current WIKI list ( Meeting to be held on 29/10 by USD, SACS with SMART representatives. The outcome will be a prioritised list of requirements that can be used for estimation by IS Dev. Agreed not to use the users’ wish list.


3. Objective

Above deliverables are to support HSS schools to use SMART.



To include prioritised requirements  that are enhancement within the agreed budget (141 days). The prioritised requirements will be identified and agreed by HSS users and USD/SACS. Those which cannot be completed within the budget will be out of scope.

IS Apps Man have identified 7 calls that will be done as part of support.

Documentation and training are also out of scope.


5. Proposed phases

-Phase 1: deliver the 2 reports by Dec 12, as required by the exam boards.

-Phase 2 : remaining deliverables by March 13 delivery (before start of freeze in April)

-Optional Phase 3 in summer if required

2. User meeting- prioritisation 29/10

Held with HSS/CSE users as well as SACS/USD users to prioritise requirements for the project. See attached meeting notes.

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Project Info

Extension of SMART to HSS with Enhancements
CAHSS Portfolio Projects
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Maurice Franceschi
Project Sponsor
Fraser Muir
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