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Process Testing for Section 6.3 Report 2 (for HSS): Student Progression Matrix for year 3, and for those about to graduate (i.e. years 3 & 4 combined).

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Show student progression matrix 3rd year only

6.3 fig B



Show student progression matrix Across 3rd & 4th year - Students to Graduate (herein refererred to as 6.3.A)

6.3 fig A



6.3.A must have facility to directly amend the overall result (1st, 2.1, 2.2, 3rd, Fail etc..) per student.




6.3.A must have the facility to discount courses per student  (ie remove courses marks from students overall assessment on a case by case basis)6.3.1PASS 
6.3.A Should calculate overall results accordingly where a course has been discounted from the students programme of study. ie if a student took  6 courses, each worth 20 credits (total: 120 credits) and then had one of this courses discounted from their results, their overall grade should be recalculated based on their results out of the remaining courses (ie out of 100 credits).6.3.1PASS 
6.3.A should show honours borderline cases. ie If a students overall mark falls within 2% of gaining honours they should be flagged as borderline.6.3.1PASS 
Both reports should be able to show/hide students first and last names6.3.1PASS 
Yearly percentages and overall marks should be shown to two decimal places6.3.1PASS 

6.3.A 'YA' to be displayed if 3rd year is NOT to be included in the classification due to the student being away on a "Year Abroad."

see: students from smart_student_list_data   where class_hss_ignore_min_1 = 1 and active_session = 2012;

This is a pass/fail mark for inclusion in the next phase of this project.





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