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Since there is a paucity of data to test with in TEST SMART, a script will be run to import dummy data into the reports so that the calculations can be tested properly. 

The following two programmes will be tested, with data imported for each.

·         Business Studies: UTBSTUD

·         Business Studies & Accounting: UTBSTAC




Scenario / Acceptance Criteria

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  • Is report in the right location within SMART, i.e. under ‘Results – Programme Level’ >   HSS > Progression and Classification Spreadsheets?
  • Do both reports have the correct title?
  • Upon selecting a programme and display, do both reports load in a timely manner and contain the requisite amount of data in the right columns?
  • Can both reports be downloaded in PDF or CSV format?

Paul Kydd

w/b 28/1



Although both reports can be downloaded in PDF and CSV format, the PDF version (in my opinion at least) is not helpful (as the data is squeezed into one page, no matter how many students or courses are listed, so is often quite unreadable) and will never be required (by me).


Report formatting and layout:

  • Are the column headers comprehensible and aligned with business requirements?
  • Are all blocks of data present? (student details, 3rd and 4th year course marks, 4th, 3rd, Honours and Results, with an indication of borderline?)
  • Are all the courses from the chosen programme displayed, are any missing?
  • Do each of the above blocks contain all the expected fields, and are the field names comprehensible and as specified by the business?

Paul Kydd

w/b 28/1



The one thing I haven't checked in detail is that all the courses from the chosen programme are displayed, or are any missing.  It depends what courses students have chosen, as some can choose outside courses that wouldn’t ordinarily be part of the degree programme.  However, I would think this will be a PASS too, especially if every students' credit total is 120 per year (unless there is a good reason for any student having less than 120).


Data – are the following calculations correct? And do the results display as expected?

  • In both years 3 and 4, is there a course mark present for a student where appropriate, and a mark absent for a student where they did not take the course?
  • For 4th year profile, are the following calculations yielding accurate data?
    1. For calculating and displaying the credits taken that year
    2. For calculating and displaying the credits failed that year
    3.  For calculating and displaying the year’s %
    4. For calculating and displaying the credits achieved in each of the 5 classification ranges?
  • For 3rd year profile, are the following calculations yielding accurate data?
    • For calculating and displaying the year’s %
    • For calculating and displaying the credits achieved in each of the 5 classification ranges
  • For 3rd year profile: for calculating and displaying the credits achieved in each of the 5 classification ranges, across both years?
  • In the results block, are the following calculations yielding accurate data?
    • The overall % for 3rd and 4th year
    • The overall result, i.e. the degree classification based on the %
    • Whether the student is a borderline case? i.e. whose overall % falls within 2 marks of the classification above.

Paul Kydd

25/1 &



Paul's mail 25/1:"I downloaded the 4th year (due to graduate) progression report for Business Studies & Accounting, and checked every 10th student.  I saved the Excel spreadsheet, highlighted with my comments, but unfortunately I cannot get back into the file, as our S drive is still down!  However, I can confirm that every student's overall mark I checked was correct, as were all the profiles, and note of who was borderline.  So, I was really pleased with this from, which more or less has all the information I require for my exam boards.  If this format can be replicated for all my degree programmes, and if 3rd year can be sorted out, everything should be OK."


Paul's mail 31/1: "I've now done some further testing.  I had a look at both the 3rd year Business Studies and Business Studies/Accounting programmes, and any issues with BS (see below) are also relevant for BS/Acc.  I attach my Excel spreadsheet of the download, with various sections highlighted.  It took me only about 5 minutes to neatly format each spreadsheet, so I no longer think formatting is too much of an issue.

Generally I was again really happy with the testing - where the data is correct, the calculations all seem to be fine.  However, I note the following (generally minor) issues."

FAIL, issues logged in Jiras below, but not showstopper. Will be deployed as part fo the Pass/Fail enhancement in March.


Open Issues

Any issues identified during UAT must be added to the Test Log. Please summarise or insert a copy of any open issues from the JIRA Test Log. It may be agreed that UAT can be signed off while some issues remain open please provide details of the UAT impact of each open issue.

The issues identified by Paul during UAT have been highlighted below. They are not showstopper for UAT sign off but will be addressed as part of the Pass/Fail enhancement to be built beginning March and deployed end March.




JIRA Test Log Ref

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Impact on UAT Sign Off



Progression reports - failed more than 40 credits: report does not seem to be implementing the failed 40 credits rule properly. This is part of the pass/fail codebase.

N/a - This  cannot be fixed now. It is dependent on the Pass/Fail build currently being done. It will be completed beg March with the P/F enhancements.



Student missing credits:  reported to have missing credits - 80 taken but 120 expected. 

Greg (Dev Team) suspects this is due to course enrolments and the system is correct but will investigate.

n/a To be completed with the P/F enhancement beg March

 TEL003-9Year abroad impact on outcome: a student flagged as "year abroad" needs to have YA recorded in the year % (as per the classification report), and all of the credit profiles for 1st - 3rd need to be coded to return 0.

n/a To be completed with the P/F enhancement beg March

 TEL003-8Listing on the csv reports: the student listing on the progression report starts with 0 instead of 1 on the csv download.n/a To be completed with the P/F enhancement beg March


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