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Resolution of BRD reported problems number 1 thru 4 required moving application-tier checks for "Absent" into the database tier where the rest of the calculations reside.  In order to test that "Absent" is now working correctly, I set up the following cases for the course "T2_gcarter":

  • Student who has no marks and should be reported "Absent" (1000013)
  • Another student as per above but with a manually overridden result so should report that overridden result (1000003)
  • A student who recieved a calculated result but has been manually overridden to "Absent" so whould be reported as "Absent" (1000010)
  • A student who has no marks but is listed as "withdrawn" so should report "withdrawn" not "absent" (1000015)

The course level spreadsheet (and accompanying pdf/csv) all showed the correct outputs.

The registry sheets are correct for students A, C and D.  Also all downloadable versions of those reports are consistent with the onscreen version, and Absent is being returned to EUCLID as "0, AN".

There is a potential [business] issue regarding student B.  Their correctly calculated result is "absent" but the test gave them a manually overridden "Pass (D)", i.e. the exam board decided to give them that result.  However what will get returned to EUCLID is a mark of 0 and no grade, which probably isn't valid.  We need further business input to determine whether the test is even a valid test, i.e. could an exam baord actually do that and if so how do we handle the return to EUCLID.

In order to test BRD reported problem number 5 we can use the same course and amend one student to be enrolled on a class-only basis.  The student ultimately needs to be returned to EUCLID as "0, NO" and on SMART there needs to be some reasonable flagging but not be recorded as "Absent".  The student used is 1000005.  The onscreen spreadsheets clearly report the result for that student as "Class only" and these students are not shown on the PDF/CSV version of those spreadsheets as Schools state that these students are not considered during exam boards.  On the Registry sheets the smart mark and grade is 0,NO, which ties in with the official EUCLID grade.

Coursework-only students behaviour has not changed.  These students are still displayed on all course sheets and Return to Registry sheets.  Student 1000005 was set to have coursework-only status to test the behaviour.



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