Personal Response Systems (PRS – also known as Clickers and a variety of acronyms such as EVS, ARS, SRS, etc.) have been in use at the University of Edinburgh since 2004. The technology adds interactivity and student engagement to lectures by enabling lecturers to ask questions of the students and have them all reply anonymously. This allows lecturers to gauge student understanding but also to implement new pedagogies, such as peer instruction, more easily with large class sizes. 

The current system has been useful but new technologies are now available - such as the use of mobile phones - and with the current contract due to expire it is timely to being the procurement to put in place a system offers new opportunities for the university.

This project will invite suppliers to respond to a Procurement to replace the current 'Clickers' system and will work through the formal and appropriate procurement process and select the Supplier and product that provides the best system in line with the quality / price ratio determined by LTW and the Colleges, using functional, technical and financial criteria as set out in an ITT.

It will make a recommendation based on the assessment, to Colleges and LTW, as to the supplier and product to award a contract to.



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June 2015 BLUE 63.0 days 63.0 days 0.0

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