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final round of contract negotiations

There have been a series of teleconferences to discuss and resolve a number of contract points.

The end is in sight, and we hope that a teleconference on 2nd June will be out last, and that then the contract can be completed.T

Maurice Franceschi 01-Jun-2015
Issues reviewed and development agreed

Top Hat and the UoE have gareed on the prioritisation of the issues, and have committed to haveing the high priority issues fixed for launch.

Medium have a commitment for resolution by end of 2015.

Low to be reviewed in 2016.

With the financial issues resolved too, relationship on a good footing and leglaities should be out of the way soon.

Maurice Franceschi 30-Mar-2015
T&C's in progress

After having to discuss the details of some issues Wesley had raised, we look to have a good understanding with Top Hat across the board and can expect the T&C's and the project planning for the implementation project TEL023 to now proceed smoothly.

Maurice Franceschi 13-Mar-2015
Contract Awarded

With Top Hat winning and clearly the quality product, we now need to agree on the contract T&C's.

There are some concerns with the apparent attitude from Top Hat on some issues/bugs, but we shall get a clearer picture on this once we set out what we want to to see fixed now/fixed soon/know the score on.

A SLA is going to be needed.

A Payment Schedule is requird too.

Maurice Franceschi 27-Feb-2015
Team Meeting 10/12/13



Meeting held with Jo, Graeme, Ross, Wesley and myself.


1 The starting point list of requirements from previous procurement as updated by Wesley


so please review these before we next meet for feedback



2 and the project website is


Maurice Franceschi 10-Dec-2013