Work/Task Breakdown

As part of Planning we have to have Project Brief apprvoed by WIS we have to work with Procurement and do Market Research to determine the best procurement model (EU, Open, Restricted, Framework) we have to establish a good team from IS Applications, USD, Desktop Services, and technicians and academics from each college to ensure procurement goes well we have to work with Project Sponsor to confirm that there is moneys for buying a product and - if appropriate - paying for the physical handsets (clickers) establish appropriate Governance for size and sensitivity of project - Senior User, Senior Supplier, and/or Project Board

As part of Analysis work with Procurement to publish a PQQ (if that is the model) work with stakeholders to determine requirements and publish the ITT and T&C's As part of Acceptance work with Procurement to determine the selected suppliers answering the PQQ (if that is the model) work with stakeholders determine the winning supplier answering the ITT

As part of Delivery work with winning supplier to finalise the legal contract which will be the basis of the implementation project to follow


Resources Skills and Cost

The project will re-estimate at the end of Planing - once we have confirmed Funding with Colleges&Schools and have established the Procurement model to be used. Also, it may be already known by this stage if the solution will be cloud-based so the effort required by Development may be very small.

Accordingly, based on recent procurements of similar size and assuming a cloud-based solution, the project will reduce the current estimation for TEL011 of 100 days to 50 days, with 50 days held on programme balance row for subequent implementation project.

This is the breakdown across teams across stages based on proposal template, encompassing both projects.  

Name (Dev Team) (Config) (Dev Tech) (Apps Man) (Tech Man) (Proj Serv)
Project Management00000                          1
Unplanned Activity000000
Business Analysis201101
System Analysis and Design804101