Developer Testing

 Confirmation of Standards Adherence



Date Tested


Web Style Standards and Interface Design


Is using blackboard learn markup library.

Browser Standard Compliance


Is using blackboard learn markup library.

Accessibility Requirements


Is using blackboard learn markup library.


 Developer Tests and Outcomes


Extract student Scores from BBLEARN databasepass
Extract student Activity data from BBLEARN databasepass
Aggregate extracted student Score datapass
Aggregate extracted student Activity datapass
Extract the new, released gradebook columns from Learnpass
Automate extract and aggregate functionalitypass
Control analytics visibility of coursepass
Control gradebook column availability in coursepass
Database extraction error logging and notificationpass
Building block part 
 Show Student heat/activity mappass
  Weeks to display (only show the configured no. of weeks)pass
  End date (only show data up to the configured end date)pass
Show Student score graphpass
  no average  graph if < 6 entriespass
Show Student score table (optionally)pass
   no average column if < 6 entriespass
Provide Student score download linkpass
   no average column if < 6 entriespass
Descriptive text for student visualisationspass
Staff administration interfacepass
    Student Data in VLE (visibility, weeks to display and end date configurable)pass
     Grade Centre Activity (which gradebook column to make availaable configurable)pass
     View student activity data ( all students with registerd activity are selectable from pull down)pass
 Building block error logging  (exceptions = error, missing data = warn)pass