Peer Testing


SDS RefImplementation Plan RefRequirementOutcomeNotes
4 SDS processes map to BRD requirementsPass 
7 All database tables mentioned in the SDS are on DEVPassThere are several more tables on DEV which are not mentioned in the SDS, but these are not in the Implementation Plan. The SDS and implementation plan mention an identical set of tables, except that the: BBLMI_LOGS PILOT_COURSES (the developer says this was a late addition) tables are listed in the implementation plan but not in the SDS table has been created as specifiedPass table has been created as specifiedPass view has been created as specifiedPasssome differences in the fields selected, but developer clarifies that: All code in the SDS is from the R&D phase and should be viewed as 'pseudo code' DEV has GRADEBOOK_ID NVARCHAR2(333) Implementation Plan has GRADEBOOK_ID NVARCHAR2(666) Developer explained that running the same DDL (which does not have any field specification) twice gave different field sizes table has been created as specifiedPass table has been created as specifiedPass 
10.1 SQL for 'Extracting the score of the latest graded attempt from the gradebook' roughly matches that in procedure find_all_grades_of_course on DEVPass 
10.2 SQL for 'Extracting user activity' roughly matches that in procedure find_all_activity_of_course on DEVPassThe SQL in SDS v0.4 includes the condition users.user_id LIKE 's12%' Developer has added a note to SDS v0.5 to explain
10.3 SQL for 'Aggregating Cohort Score data' roughly matches that in procedure find_cohort_grades on DEVPass 
10.34 SQL for '10.4 Aggregating Cohort Activity data' roughly matches that in procedure find_cohort_activity on DEVPass 
4.1.5 running LEARN_ANALYTICS_CONTROL.run_all populates the four tables: COHORT_ACTIVITY_DATA COHORT_GRADEBOOK_DATA STUDENT_ACTIVITY_DATA STUDENT_GRADEBOOK_DATA with data which looks reasonablePass 
 2.1Database: GENDEVPass 
 2.1Schema: BBLMIPass 
 2.1BBLEARN user to connect as: BBLMILINKPass 
 2.1DB link: MI2BBLLINK.IS.ED.AC.UKPass 
 2.1Connects to BBLDEVPass 
 2.1BBLEARN role to GRANT privileges to: BBLMI_LINKunknownuser permissions don't allow me to verify
 2.1BI Suite user: BOBBLMIUSERunknowncouldn’t find user in InfoKeep
 2.1BI Suite role: BBLMI_USERunknowncouldn’t check as couldn't find user in InfoKeep
 2.5The table PILOT_COURSES must be populated with the COURSE_IDs of the courses we want to processPass 
 2.2.3BBLMI_UTILS package existsPass 
 2.2.3LEARN_ANALYTICS_CONTROLS package existsPass 
 2.2.3LEARN_ANALYTICS_TOOLS package existsPass2 procedures in learn_analytics_tools are not called directly or indirectly from LEARN_ANALYTICS_CONTROL.run_all: find_all_logins_of_student find_all_forum_act_of_student Clarification from developer: 'These are leftovers from the R&D process. Something similar will be need for phase 2 so I haven't removed them.'
 2.4.2The scheduler job: run_analytics2 has been set up to run every 2 days at 5am. It calls the starting point: BBLMI.LEARN_ANALYTICS_CONTROL.RUN_ALLPass