Project journal

Title Description Author Post date
New Learn building blocks delivered.

The new LEARN building blocks  have been delivered into LIVE. These will enable staff to allow students to view their learning activity against the student cohort for a particular course.

Morna Findlay 18-Aug-2015
Build review completed

The new  building blocks now deployed to TEST and UAT is  under way.

Morna Findlay 10-Jul-2015
Development of new building blocks under way

The new building blocks for student and staff admin access are now being built.

Morna Findlay 18-Jun-2015
Next stage of project to resume in June when developer resources are available

The next stage of  this project will resume in June when  developer resources are available.

Morna Findlay 12-May-2015
Design approved

The design for the building block has been approed. The buyild phase will begin at the end of May when developer resources are available.

Morna Findlay 04-May-2015
Design circulated

The design for the new building block is currently being reviewed by the project team

Morna Findlay 31-Mar-2015
End of prototyping stage

The project is now collecting data from the prototype student course to analyse. The next stage will use this analysis to adjust the business requirements of the project.

Morna Findlay 09-Mar-2015
Prototype progress

BI suite has been used to produce individualised reports for students participating in next semester's prototype.

Morna Findlay 19-Dec-2014
Virtual Learning Environment Student Analytics

This project will develop new functionality allowing students to view their activity/performance on a particular course within LEARN. Students will also be able to compare their data relative to the (anonymised) data relating to their peers.  Staff will be able to see a fuller picture of all activity for all students in a course with comparative/relative measures.

Morna Findlay 23-Oct-2014
VLE Student Analytics - Business Analysis complete

The project team signed off the Business Requirements for this project. The team has agreed to prepare a prototype for use with a small number of "guinea-pig" courses in the second semester. The TEL team will work closely with students and staff to assess how usable and useful the information generated for  the prototype is and this will inform the second stage of the project.

Morna Findlay 12-Nov-2014
TEl017 - End of Planning

The  VLE Student Analytics project has reached the end of the planning stage.

The project  aims to allow students to view their own learning activity within the LEARN application and compare that against the cohort.

Morna Findlay 05-Nov-2014
Project team to develop prototype display of data for first steering group meeting.


The project team will aim to produce views of how the data might be presented to students and staff for display to the steering group meeting in November.

Morna Findlay 30-Sep-2014