Work/Task Breakdown



The project sponsor and business lead will recruit the Steering Group chair and Steering Group members. 

Workshops will be organised with users as it is judged that formats for data presentation  (beyond the usual accessibility requirements) will play a key role in the success and subsequent uptake of the products of this project. It is anticipated that the proejct will recruit one or more pilot courses in semester 2 so that the usability  of the views and usefulness to students can be assessed. It is desirable that the project  takes an iterative approach to designing and refining  the project deliverables.


The project manager will organise meetings of the steering group and arrange workshops.


Resources Skills and Cost


The project will undertake an Analysis stage to better inform the project sponsor and Stakeholder group as to the costs and risks associated with the possible project deliverables. It is anticipated that one or more software development teams will be involved in the project, as well as development technology to advise on any infrastructure implications or requirements. It is anticipated that a senior supplier will greatly assist the project manager and project sponsor to ensure that quality products are delivered in time and within budget.