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Project Summary:

The TEL019 project has provided us with insight into how the Moodle VLE platform collects and reports usage data. We have explored a broad set of tools that interpret this information so it can be delivered to assist teaching and learning. It is clear that there is no single analytical tool that meets the needs of staff and students. Any tutor wishing to access this sort of data and make it available to students should look at which of the available tools meet their needs and review what sort of effect this might have on the students.

This project has not been able to clearly assess the impact of this kind of information on students. It is hoped that future projects with a focus on analytics will be able to better determine if allowing student access to certain reports on their usage of VLEs has a positive effect on their experience and studies. Any future projects / research can benefit from the information that has been gathered by TEL019 and the way that it has been presented to tutors at this stage via the Moodle Showcase course. Future projects should also be informed by the growing body of research in this area, including research carried out here at Edinburgh.

It was clear that TEL019 would have many parallel streams with the TEL017 (Learn focussed) project and it is likely that future projects will ensure that any further investigation in this area will be conducted in parallel across both Learn and Moodle platforms. The overarching information related to analytics data and how it is used has been developed in parallel between the two projects and exists in a platform independent state.

There is an increased awareness of learning analytics and its uses. The projects have identified some more examples of the types of information that is of interest to different courses. More work needs to be done to see what data can be made available to students and if it will have a positive or negative impact on their University experience

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 1 days

Staff Usage Actual: 1 days

Staff Usage Variance: 0%

Other Resource Estimate: 1 days

Other Resource Actual: 1 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

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