MVM MBChB UG students will be moved onto PebblePad/TurnItIn to allow online marking and assessment on their submissions.

MVM have taken a first big step to adopting central Learning Technology tools by agreeing to adopt PebblePad for their main medical UG programme MBChB. Initially MVM had focused on a single year migration into PebblePad - the 2014 Year 1 intake of ~250 students - this alone has been the biggest single uptake of PebblePad, and has been a big task ensuring coordination of key dates, engagement of key stakeholder etc.

Scaling this migration to all five years of the MBChB programme for the 2015 academic year (starting in June 2015 for Year 4) means ~1,200 students submitting a total of approx. 10,000 assignments throughout this academic year.





Benefits of moving to PebblePad


Improved Student Experience

  • Undergraduate Portfolios assignments will be electronically marked and assessed using the PebblePad system. This will improve student feedback and submission, so is very much aligned with NSS results.
  • Gives a consistent experience and process for both staff and students
  • Electronic submission means students on peripheral attachments will no longer have to travel to the College Office at Chancellor's Building, Little France to hand in their assignments. It also means students in Little France area also do not have to hand in paper copies of assignments.
  • Will enable faster delivery of marks and feedback and confirmed delivery of feedback to students - no longer dependent on students picking up feedback sheets from the College Office.


Improved Marking and Feedback Quality

  • Ability to audit and assess quality and consistency of marking and feedback across all MBChB module assignments.


Supports College and University Strategy

  • Fits with MVM elearning strategic review and paves the way for wider MVM adoption of central tools and cost savings
  • Aligns with the strategic College drive to address student experience and satisfaction concerns and NSS results - if executed successfully


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Migration of MVM UG MBChB to PebblePad
ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
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Sue Woodger
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Jo Spiller
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