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Access Plan signed off

Access Plan signed off 3 June 15. All mapping and initial PebblePad set up complete.

Sue Woodger 08-Jun-2015
Communications Plan signed off

The commiunications plan was signed off this week. It will be a living document and dscussed and updated at weekly meetings. It can be found at

Sue Woodger 12-May-2015
Academic champions

Confirmed that we will not be using Academic Champions due to the structure of the MBChB and the speed at which we are having to progress this project there will not be a single academic champion. Will be covered by Portfolio Sub-Committee and each of the Year Directors

Chair of the Portfolio Sub-Committee: Dr Paula Midgley

Year 1 Director: Prof Jamie Davies

Year 2 Director: Dr Ingolfur Johannessen

Year 3 Director: Dr Helen Rodgers

Sue Woodger 12-May-2015
Migration of MVM UG MBCHB to PebblePad


MVM’s main medical UG programme - Undergraduate Medicine (MBChB) - is currently in the first year of transitioning their assessed portfolio to PebblePad with marking and feedback delivered online via the PebblePad/Turnitin integration. The adoption of PebblePad has been as a mechanism to improve online assessment and feedback, and is part of TEL assessment and feedback programme of project work.

Sue Woodger 06-May-2015
Update to Stakeholders

Neil, Nicola and Lydia met 30 April and discussed whether or not they should have a single Academic Champion for the project. They have decided that, due to the structure of the MBChB and the speed at which we are having to progress this project, they will not have a single Academic Champion.


Instead, they will ensure that they are keeping the Portfolio Sub-Committee and each of the Year Directors up to date. As well as Dr Paula Midgley in her capacity as Chair of the Sub-Committee we have also added the following Year Directors:


Sue Woodger 01-May-2015
Project Brief signed off

Project Brief was signed off by project team on 29 April 15

Communcations plan was circulated to the project team on 1 May 15 -

Weekly update was circulated on 1 May 15

Sue Woodger 01-May-2015

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Migration of MVM UG MBChB to PebblePad
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