Work/Task Breakdown

Access project

  1. Identify markers
  2. Mapping- Planning for each assignment in conjunction with course coordinators:
    1. Ascertain where info will be held in PebblePad and in what format
    2. Ascertain the submission process
    3. Ascertain the marking process
    4. Ascertain how feedback will happen
  3. Set up workspace assignments and deadlines for all courses in PebblePad
    1. This will require some detailed discussion for Year 3 as the year group work on rotational assignment deadlines
  4. Test access
  5. Troubleshooting – help with technical issues of setting up assignments
  6. Set up EEMeC page where staff can track the progress of the project and see where they will be involved



  1. Communications plan
  2. Create administrative guidelines
  3. Decide how to hold the training materials
  4. Organise training session for markers to orientate them round the portfolio and marking interface
  5. Create paper guidance for markers (needs amending for each assignment)
  6. Record short screen capture instruction video for markers
  7. Organise training session for course coordinators for each year – will be in form of tailored individual training as materials are tailored by course
  8. Record short screen capture instruction video for students
  9. Create IS Helpline issues document


Note: Because of the broad location of markers not all will be able to attend a training day. Therefore a training day will be set up for those that can attend and videos and pdf’s of the training will be created for those that cannot attend.


Assignment administration by year

  1. Identify who the markers will be (many of whom are NHS staff and NOT necessarily University of Edinburgh employees).
  2. Set up markers access  - Ensure markers have a UUN and can access the PebblePad ATLAS system
  3. Set up marking groups (Sets) for each assignment – requires group and marker information
  4. Provide troubleshooting resource to resolve any technical issues or issues  with students re submissions
  5. Plan for 2015/16 will include
    1. Ensure moderation takes place and adjustment of marking
    2. Export marks from PebblePad to EEMeC Assessment Engine
    3. Release marks and feedback to students
    4. Report on submission status/marking progress
    5. Record keeping and review


Project Info

Migration of MVM UG MBChB to PebblePad
ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Project Manager
Sue Woodger
Project Sponsor
Jo Spiller
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