Report for July 15

Report Date
July 2015


  • Years 4 and 5 are live and students can access portfolio items, non-portfolio items and PDPs
  • IS Skills training dates were finalised (IS Skills will provide PebblePad training for staff) – updated training plan is at
  • EEMeC pages were set up with all training documentation and videos added
  • Year 4 and 5 discussion boards were set up for students to raise queries on the new process
  • Administrative guidelines complete and being populated online as and when needed
  • Test space was set up for markers to test their access. All markers received their initial introductory email with log-in details and access to guidance materials and the test environment




  • From student queries their biggest issue in submissions was uploading their work but not submitting it. From the students who raised this query none of them had read the guidance or watched the video. Students had also contacted Lydia direct – there have been no queries from the student discussion boards yet.
  • Access to PebblePad from NHS Lothian and NHS Borders: From testing it was found that there were still issues from the NHS end in gaining access – the issues seem to be as a result of browser/internet restrictions applied across the Trusts (although Fife and Forth Valley are not having issues). There was no issue with the PebblePad end.  For NHS Lothian markers can access the system fine but cannot download the files which students have uploaded. They can however access feedback mechanisms. Lydia has invoked the workaround by emailing the markers copies of the assignments with identifiers (such as the date and time submitted), and the markers subsequently input the feedback onto the system. Other markers have just sent in paper copies which the Year Co-ordinators are uploading to PebblePad.  NHS Borders do not allow access to PebblePad so Lydia is emailing out all assignments and marksheets to be completed and uploaded on return. This has been raised with Paul Clark to take the issue forward for a long term fix.


Next Steps

  • Additional portfolios: Clinical Skills Log and The Big Five skills submissions are just awaiting final signoff
  • All feedback templates to be completed by 29 July
  • Years 1, 2 and 3 set up
  • 2015/16 plans
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Migration of MVM UG MBChB to PebblePad
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