Proposed Business Processes

Targeted Current Processes

  • The courses are created and students are added via manual processes, these can be completed either via Moodle Interface or by import of a CSV file.
  • These are completed by the IS helpline team.
  • Any issue with any manual processes are passed by the IS Helpline to Learning, Teaching and Web - Moodle Service team to resolve. Any admin access rights are also provided by this team to Moodle.



The proposed business processes to be developed within TEL025 project are as follows:

  • The Moodle Service team together with IS Helpline team to have access to Moodle Course Enrolment Management interface URL using authenticated EASE sign on.
  • Once users have access to the interface they should be able to search for courses and select courses to create, this information will be made available via EUCLID data.
  • On creation of courses, users should be able to create accounts, create enrolments and update enrolments.
  • Additional function for Moodle Service team is to have the ability to create admin access rights.



Process Maps

The proposed draft process flow is available via this link and noted in diagram below:



Context Diagram

Information as detailed within Application and Data Architecture Document v0.3.