Moodle is a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) platform available to use at University of Edinburgh for courses that are taught completely online for distance students.

At present the courses are created and students are added via manual processes, these can be completed either via Moodle Interface or by import of a CSV file. This creates a staff overhead that will be difficult to sustain in the medium to long term if the service is to be expanded to accommodate new and successful Online Distance Learning (ODL) courses, as well as making it impossible to expand the use of the service for blended or on campus courses.

This project fits in with the University's strategy as it will improve the student experience and deliver excellence in education as it will be quicker and more seamless process for students to give them access to their online teaching environment. For ODL students, this is the equivalent to having access to the University campus itself.

It will also make more efficient use of available infrastructure and people resources by automating tasks that are time consuming and manual.

The University needs a scalable technology enhanced learning capability which is well integrated with University processes, lowering barriers to increased usage and supporting a quality student experience.



The scope of this project is to remove the current manual processes to create courses and add students into an automated process.

Out of Scope for this project is the inclusion of any business intelligence or management Information requirements.



To automate creation of courses and the ability to populate students to these course in Moodle



This project will deliver data feeds that:

  • Create courses on request via an interface/webform
  • Create staff and student users in the system for those courses where Moodle has been selected via an interface / webform
  • Populate those courses with the students enrolled on these courses, as well as staff members, such as course organiser and secretary
  • Facility / option to refresh update course / students / staff information would be useful
  • Please note for disabling of students and staff this will be completed via EASE and for courses these are not currently disabled on Moodle therefore this would remain as is.

An initial document has been produced by IS Applications Developer to show initial 'light' solution using IDM look ups with a full solution being a feed from IDM and also feed from EUGEX..

As the project has a limited funding in 15/16, the business requirements will be prioritised using MOSCOW (Must, Should, Could, Won't haves) to ensure that key functions are available to the business area.



By automating this process will result in :

  • Free staff resource from completing these tasks manually
  • Courses can be created in a consistent way - removes human error in manually created/populated courses
  • Create users in a consistent way - removes human error in manually created users
  • Create enrolments onto courses from Registry data - avoiding time intensive manual processes
  • Increases the sustainability of the continued expansion of the system to ODL courses
  • Allows the sustainability of increasing access to the service to courses other than ODL, if required / desired
  • Reduction in effort spent on manual configurations, reflected in staff reporting
  • Expediate the time taken to set up courses and users and reduction in errors which should reduce the number of helpdesk calls and negative feedback



Success Criteria

  • Ability for courses to be created automatically
  • Ability for students to be added to courses automatically
  • Reduction in helpdesk calls
  • Reduction in manual effort


Project Info

Moodle Course Enrolment Management
ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Management Office
Project Manager
Karen Stirling
Project Sponsor
Anne-Marie Scott
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