Business Requirements

Functional Requirements

Single Sign On

A University of Edinburgh user must be able to log into the service using the University Single Sign On. A user is defined as a student or member of staff at the University of Edinburgh. Authorised visitors will be able to log into the service from full launch in September 2016.

Access for alumni and applicants to be restricted.

Account Creation

Accounts in Lynda are automatically created at the point of first login to the service. Each provisioned account will have the following information supplied by Central Authorisation Services.

  • UUN
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address - We are aware that email addresses are not always provided by the user, Lynda have confirmed this will not cause any problems. 

Existing ECA members will be migrated centrally by Lynda. We will be providing a list of existing users that will be mapped to their UUN and their existing account updated.

User permission levels and assigning roles within

The default permission level for all users will be the highest level of access that does not include administration rights. This is the default within

Group Leader and Group Manager admin permissions will be able to be assigned to users by the Master Admin if appropriate to their role.

User Access

Users will be able to access the service via:

  • A landing page within the Digital Skills & Training section of the University website at
  • Directly at

User support

Helpline and Digital Skills & Training teams will be able to advise on basic queries. 

User guidance

A basic level of guidance will be available, although it is expected that early adopters will largely self-support.

Soft launch guidance covered on the UoE Digital Skills and Training web page will include:

  • Intro to the service
    • Link to uni strategy and digital transformation
    • What is
    • What you can do with, e.g. plan learning, bookmark courses and videos, earn certificates
    • Add to LinkedIn profile
    • Download content to watch offline
    • Sign up for new content alerts
    • What can be used for, and its features and benefits
    • List of sample courses
  • Creating an account
    • Entitlement
    • How to set up an account
    • How to link an existing account
    • Accessing from your mobile device
  • Using
    •’s own ‘How to use’ video (embedded in or linked from UoE webpages)
    • How to search the catalogue
    • Playlist creation and permissions (highly desirable)
  • Help and support
    • Where to find further help
    • Link to provide feedback to ISG (highly desirable)
    • How to subscribe to the UoE user group

Usage analytics and reporting provides generic reporting functionality, which will allow for basic reporting from soft launch, such as:

  • How many users have used Lynda
  • Are those users staff members or students


Soft launch comms will set expectations for availability and support between soft and full launch

Existing users of (ECA, CHSS, Project Services, EDINA) will be contacted prior to soft launch and walked through the changes being implemented between existing and new accounts, specifically how to log in via single sign-on and linking their accounts (where applicable) 

Early adopters will be informed that is available and where they can access it.