The University of Edinburgh has 2 centrally provided Virtual Learning Environments (VLE): Blackboard Learn and Moodle. Both these services are supported by IS and have user groups allowing colleagues who use the services input in to how they are developed. They are classed as High Priority in the University Disaster Recovery Classification and benefit from the highest level of relsilience with infrastructure located in both the University's main hosting sites.

In addition to the centrally provided VLEs, a number of academic programmes have commissioned the development of their own bespoke environments. Typically these environments are built to support a single programme and most support distance based Masters level programmes. They provide a highly customised user experience with a strong sense of programme branding. These VLEs have been developed at different times, using different technologies and there has been little opportunity to share practice or benefit from economies of scale. Each of these VLEs are supported by second line support teams during standard office hours, None of the VLEs have been built in a resilient manner and are currently based in a single hosting location. 

This project is to consider each of these bespoke environments and, in consultation with the relevant programme teams, analyse whether they could move their activities into one of the centrally available VLEs.

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VLE Consolidation Project
ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
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Annie Heaney
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Anne-Marie Scott
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In Progress
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