Priority and Funding

It is proposed to set the priority at NORMAL.  The project is a Sponsor funded, discretionary project.

IS Learning Teaching and Web Division are funding a 2 year Learning Technologist post who will be part of the Project Team. 


Impact and Dependencies

This project is seen as a key factor in the continuing improvement of the student experience at the University of Edinburgh. The impact of not addressing issues of quality and inconsistency in the usage of the VLE experience would result in ongoing dissatisfaction,  reputational damage, and a negative impact on overall NSS scores.

The implementation of the agreed standards has the following dependencies:

  • Academic timetable (fixed, limited, windows for delivery of changes to the Learn service with related lead times for the preparation ahead of each session)
  • Scheduled upgrades to Learn 2017/18.


Project Risks

Ref Title Description Initial Probability Initial Impact Initial RAG Status Risk Category
1 Resistance to changes in Templates Some schools have established templates after performing their own review of course consistencies. There may be some resistance to any changes that are being implemented from outside of the school. Schools with existing templates may also feel that they already meet, and exceed any set standard.  High  Moderate  AMBER  Open  People
2 Change to "Learn Original" experience The University of Edinburgh currently run on the "Learn Original" experience. There is an alternative system that is close to maturity and a likely candidate for the next VLE to be used by UoE. Although the systems are similar there may be significant change to the User Interface and the experience of staff and students. We may adopt a Min Standard, and then within a short timeframe have to adopt another major change of approach There is an opportunity to pair minimum standards with any other new major changes to the VLE approach and interface  Medium  Moderate  GREEN  Open  Technology
3 Control of Mobile Technologies We believe there is an increase in the sue of Apps used to access Learn. These apps are changes and updated on a regular basis. Many elements on Min Standards are now in place as part of the App. The App designs can change without notice and effect the user experience of their courses Keep up to date with App developments Align VLE Min Standards to approaches and tools available in the Apps  High  Minor  GREEN  Open  Technology
4 Inaccurate or incomplete student feedback It can be hard to gather meaningful feedback from students about core services, any cross population study would require ethical approval, and also has to be mindful not to "overload" students who report they have "survey fatigue". A variety of study types can be adopted Use of data analytics and reports are a useful supplement Student representation in the project will be essential  High  Minor  GREEN  Open  People
5 Insufficient time for Pilot(s) There is limited time to run a meaningful pilot within one or more schools for the current objective date. Some alternatives, or special studies may be required as an alternative.  High  Moderate  AMBER  Open  Strategic
6 UG & PG Modes of Study There may be considerable differences about the way that these courses might be delivered, and the type of information that is required,. Ensure that enough consultation and planning has been done to consider the differences  Medium  Minor  GREEN  Open  Operational
7 Course Migration The minimum standards project may have an impact on the way that courses are migrated year to year. Additional training and support might be required by schools and teaching offices to be prepared for the 2nd year of courses with VLE Minimum standards  Medium  Moderate  GREEN  Open  Operational
8 Resource Availability - LTW This is a standard type of risk. Staff resourcing may not be sufficient from LTW and may impact on delivery of key milestones  Medium  Moderate  GREEN  Open  People
9 Resource Availability - Project Services This is a standard type of risk. Staff resourcing may not be sufficient from Project Services and availability of staff may impact on delivery of key milestones  High  Moderate  AMBER  Open  People
10 Resource Availability - Development Services This is a standard type of risk. Staff resourcing may not be sufficient from Development Services and availability may impact on delivery of key milestones. The likelihood of this risk is currently not high but will be an issue if it is determined that technical resource is required for the pilot.  Low  Insignificant  GREEN  Open  People
11 School resistance to change Schools think that their courses are not applicable for a minimum standard, or that they are too unique to follow the University Standard Work required to get courses organised to meet minimum standards, and additional resource and training might be required Resistance from academic staff for the perceived intervention on how to teach Resistance from professional support staff for the additional workload, and change in workflows  Medium  Moderate  GREEN  Open  Regulatory


Project Info

VLE Standards
ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Management Office
Project Manager
Laura Woods-Dunlop
Project Sponsor
Melissa Highton
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