Learn Foundations - ART update W/C 29th March 2021

Report Date
March 2021

Communications and Engagement

Pre-Christmas 2020, the project team engaged with all Schools and Deaneries within the Univeristy to continue forging relations along with setting expecations for implementation preparations within 2021.

Partner Schools are now in the process of being re-engaged with to begin implementation discussions.  All partner Schools will have their initital implementation (planning) meeting hosted by the end of February 2021, providing key project milestones and dates which require action from the Schools in preparation for delivery in June.  By the end of W/C 8th March 2021, 100% of partner Schools will have been re-engaged with with our focus now moving to the non-partner Schools - with 1 officially confirming they are wishing to partner with the project.

For the remaining 3 non-partner Schools, the project is actively engaging with these Schools to understand their requirements, working together to attempt to gain 100% schools/Deaneries on-board.


Academic User Group

The project team have set up an Academic User Group which currently has represenation from circa 17 Schools across the University.  The aim of this group is to engage with academics to support in the adoption of the Learn Foundations project.  This group will be used to help understand academic needs and requirements, allowing Learn Foundations to continue to support both staff and students.

The second meeting was held on Monday 15th February, attendee'd by academics from across the University.  The sessions weilded many interesting conversations around key topics being considered currently (Teams/Zoom integration/VLE).  As part of the Comms and Engagement process, we are urging any Schools who are not yet represented to be a part of this group.

Next Academic User Group scheduled for Friday 25th June and in the meantime, we are planning to survey the group to understand more around the academic learning technology requirements.  Survey due to be sent out by the end of March.

Project Work Streams

In preparation for AY 21/22, the project is focusing on the following areas on top of the core project work streams:

  • User Experience (UX): Providing additional information around both student and staff requirements in relation to hybrid teaching (particularly virtual classrooms);

    • All UX activities have been completed and are now in the process of being analysed in preparation for final workstream decisions being made.  Analysis scheduled to be completed by W/C 29th March 2021.

  • Support and Guidance: Looking at additional support and guidance when using Learning Technology to make the most of out each course;
  • Best Practise: Provision of sharing best practise to afford colleagues the opportunity to review other courses that may enhance the delivery of their own course (or in turn, share their best practise for others to benefit from);
  • Student Recruitment: Recruitment of student interns across the summer of 2021 to support with the delivery of the project.  Recruitment will occur via Unitemps within ISG and is scheduled to be completed with offers made by mid-May with students beginning their internship W/C 31st May.



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