May 2022

Report Date
May 2022


  • VLE002: GoCAB approval for the upgrade to UBN on the 28th of June.  C2205-087.
  • VLE002: Self-Enrol paper sent to the board containing the timeline for the future of those features and an overview of their current use.  General approval was given with a further paper to be brought to a future board.
  • VLE002: Issue with resource for MS Teams support was resolved and the risk reduced from red status.  The MS Teams promotion to Live will be completed before our UBN date on the 28th of June.
  • VLE002: Apps Service management have also agreed resource to support OneDrive integration with Ultra on Test for evaluation.  Not for 28th of June.
  • VLE002: We recommended that the MS Teams service owners should switch off Grades and Assignments in MS Teams.  The functionality to do this was not available previously.
  • VLE002: The Class Tools development has been tested and passed UAT.  Deployment for this is targeted to be before the ISG Change Freeze.  Timetabling and Apps Application Management have both provided support for the Class Tools development.
  • VLE002: LTI1.3 for Blogs has completed development.  The Blog service is being upgraded and our LTI1.3 development will follow that upgrade through the phases.  LTI1.3 will be available for Early Adopters from the end of July.
  • VLE002: LTI1.3 for Stack/Coderunner will be developed for the SPS instance of Moodle.  The target for completion is the end of June, so there may be a small time period (days) after UBN date when it is not available for Early Adopters. The Maths Moodle instance will be upgraded for the next academic year.
  • VLE002: MyEd resource in place for the switch to UBN tasks.



  • VLE002: The Learn Service Team are working with Blackboard to ensure that the APIs that we are developing Class Tolls against will not be subject to change.  The impact is low as we have a manual process to fall back on.
  • VLE002: The was an issue now handed over to service.  There are 3 instances of Moodle running Stack/Coderunner.  The service team will coordinate with the owners of those instances over the coming academic year to rationalise the use of Stack where applicable. 
  • VLE002: More time is needed on the Pebble+ 1.3 integration by the vendor. The current release has been tested and is a no go. As such, alternatives are being investigated for this AY and the 1.3 roll out that will take place as part of phase 2 in 2023. Joe will investigate whether 1.1 can be made available from the UBN Tools section in the native setting, or whether low usage amongst EA courses would mean flat links will be the best solution. Conversations will be had between Myles, Fiona Buckland and EAs to understand what the requirements are for Pebble+ amongst early adopters.
  • VLE002: The MyEd service have made some small recommendations on the wording that is to be placed in the portlet. Karen will discuss this further with Stuart before a decision is made.  No risk to the UBNN date of the 28th of June.


Next Steps

  • VLE002: The IS Alert for UBN to be added by DLAM.
  • VLE002: Class Tools testing will move onto Staging so that larger data sets can be processed.
  • VLE002: MS Teams to be updated to Live pre UBN launch date.
  • VLE002: UBN date is the 28th of June.  Resourcing will be reconfirmed and all planned updates and integrations will be completed on or before that date.
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