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During spring 2017, the Space Strategy Group carried out a survey of all academic staff in relation to teaching space. Teaching staff were invited to respond on six categories covering several aspects on their teaching space experience.

Many of the issues raised were around teaching spaces. Such as:

  • Whiteboard / Chalkboards not cleaned.
  • Materials not supplied (flipchart paper, whiteboard pens, chalk).
  • Flexible furniture left in the wrong configuration.
  • Furniture going missing from rooms.
  • Microphones not docked.
  • Rooms left in bad condition or untidy.

More recently, a subset of the Space Strategy Group has been undertaking workshops with Students and Staff to help develop and Learning and Teaching Spaces Strategy. These workshops have again reinforced the need to consistently get the basics right within teaching spaces across the campus.

Daily visits and or checks of spaces are undertaken by Estates soft services staff, concentrating primarily on high traffic areas.  In order to provide a more consistent service across our campus and to better support the expanding amount of technology in our teaching spaces we will deploy and co-ordinate a team of student helpers who will provide additional support throughout the academic year. 

Student Helpers ran previously as part of the three-year lecture recording rollout.  We will be running pilots through semester 2 of the 19/20 academic year to build the new Teaching Space Student Helpers service for the start of the 2020/2021 academic year.

This initiative, which will run for a minimum of two years in service will see students and staff working together to take ownership of the student experience within our teaching spaces.


This project will:

  • Make all appropriate preparations to build the Student Helper service. 
  • To do this we anticipate running pilots and focus groups through semester two of the 19/20 academic year.  This will allow us to identify the gaps in teaching space service as this is where the helper service will be used.
  • A Student Helper Supervisor will be employed.
  • The appropriate employment of University of Edinburgh students to resource the service.
  • Ensure the safety and security of employees.


Objectives and Deliverables

1.  Using an adapted Student Helper programme we wish to understand the most appropriate way to provide additional teaching space service support work, ensuring that current gaps in room checks are targeted.

1.1 A series of pilots and workshops with all stakeholders to establish and define the service.

1.2  Find consensus across teaching space stakeholders on the best use of student assistance within specific campus areas.

1.3  Agree on a detailed service structure that provides clear instruction, ensuring safety and security.

1.4  Establish the communication plan and messages required to launch the service.


2.  Build and launch the service.

2.1  Employ a full time Student Helper Supervisor who will be based within ISG.

2.2  Deliver logistical support, including any purchases of equipment for the service.

2.3  Supply comprehensive training and support materials.

2.4  Action the communication plan.



Benefits specific to this work:

  • High detail, proactive monitoring of teaching spaces where that does not already take place.
  • Writing surfaces are clean and accessible where that does not already take place.
  • A more consistent supply of basic writing materials where that does not already take place.
  • Daily checks of flexible furniture.
  • Daily checks of radio microphones to provide more resilience to the lecture recording service.
  • Check logs can be displayed on digital signage, giving staff and students confidence in the condition of teaching space equipment.
  • Provides student helpers with a sense of ownership over their teaching spaces.
  • Work will be interspersed with class attendance and study.
  • Large increase in ISG student employment.


Success Criteria


Project Milestones

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This initiative forms part of the University of Edinburgh Student Experience Action Plan (SEAP).  This project will form part of the Learning and Teaching Spaces Programme (TSG) of work.

It is proposed that the project will report to a programme board.  The programme board will be appointed as a subset of the Teaching Spaces Oversight Group (TSOG).  The project will also have a Steering Group who would meet on a monthly basis. 

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