Work/Task Breakdown

The following phases will be undertaken;

Initiation: Including development of project brief and approval process.

Planning: Further define scope, produce plan and wider project documentation, develop dedicated project team in SRA and Colleges.

Analyse: Business analysis will include; requirements review,  process review, data gathering and lessons learned (from 2018/2019) analysis. Systems analysis will review telephony (call routing, scripts, and system requirements in relation to the clearing processes and communications including the call centre roll out. 

Development:  This will include the development of all requirements aligned to systems, telephony, resource, site and processes.

Integration and Acceptance: establish and Implement the telephony solution, establish On Site readiness, training, communication roll out, operational support  / Euclid readiness, and continuity arrangements rolled out.

Deployment:  This involve the call centre Go Live for Scottish  clearing date.

Delivery Review / Closure: This will include executing a "Tear Down" once operations are complete, it also includes a closure review and the development of a pack designed to support Clearing in 2020.

The above phases include tasks for the wider project team outwith IS.  Defined roles and responsibilities are included within the project brief and managed through the project plan however the estimations process  includes IS resource only.

Resources Skills and Cost

Resources will be required from:

  • Student Recruitment and Administrations (SRA)
  • College Admissions
  • ITI Communications Infrastructure Section
  • Project Services
  • Production Management
  • Estates
  • Student Systems Partner Development
  • SharePoint Solutions Team
  • Service Management

The estimated total IS Applications project cost is 50 days.  To be made up from:

  • Project Services:  Project Manager, Programme Manager, Portfolio Manager
  • Student Systems Partner Development:  Team Manager, Designer / Developer, Peer Tester
  • Production Management (Applications):  Team Manager, Integration Tester; QA Reviewer

This figure will be re-estimated after the development phase and it is anticipated that this will reduce. There is considerable input and effort required from Student Recruitment and Administrations (SRA), College Admissions and ITI Communications Infrastructure Section. 

Signing off for system deployment will be: 

  • Project Sponsor / Business Lead on behalf of the Project Sponsor
  • Senior User
  • Project Manager
  • Student Systems Partner Development Team Manager

In addition, there will be an estimated cost of ???tbd for additional telephony licences (10) and potentially additional headsets.

Project Governance

Project Sponsor will provide direction. 

Project Manager will manage the project on a day to day basis.

Senior Supplier will have overall responsibility for successful completion of supplier deliverables.

Work/Task Breakdown

Project progress will be reported in line with IS Applications monthly reporting process.

Each key milestone will be assessed in detail by the project team before formal reporting to WIS.

Within the above process:-

  • Fortnightly meetings will be scheduled with the project team members but these will only be used if required.  
  • Monthly reviews and key stage reviews will be scheduled with the Project Sponsor.
  • Additionally ad-hoc meetings and discussions will be convened when required.

Project Stakeholders

Project Estimation clearing_2019_three_point_estimate.xls


Project Info

Clearing 2019
USG Portfolio Projects (OTHUSG)
Management Office
Project Manager
Victoria Weinsberg
Project Sponsor
Rebecca Gaukroger
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority