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Boxi issues

Immediately following the integration testing of the boxi reports (which was successful) the boxi system crashed. Boxi team informed that they were upgrading the BusinessObjects TEST environment and it had been unsuccessful. A second attempt is now being started. i was informed that theTEST environment will not be available now until Friday morning 24.1 14 at the earliest. and LIVE is estimated to be available on Thursday 30.1.14. This means that we cannot go into UAT until Friday afternoon at the earliest.

Sue Woodger 23-Jan-2014
Splitting project into 2 phases

Due to the original UWP005 plan not fitting in with the dependant UWP projects it has been agreed by Neil Allison and the team to split the plan into 2 phases. This will ensure that the highest priority objectives (those most important to migration planning) will be completed before Christmas and lesser important objectives by 21 January. This brings the project in line with dependant projects. So on 11 November 13 the project was split as follows:

Sue Woodger 14-Nov-2013
New Project On Web Content Management System Usage

The University is moving to a a new web content management system (CMS) Drupal and there is key information about the current CMS Polopoly that is currently unavailable to the project team. The project will provide an understanding, in more detail, what content, images, documents, structures, users, workflows, etc. make up the websites that we publish through Polopoly. This information (and the relevant exports) will help the University Website Service to complete a comprehensive content audit and allow editors to work effectively and efficiently throughout the migration phase.

Sue Woodger 24-Oct-2013
project brief

Miles informed 29 august that he will be late in reviewing the project brief. Will b delivered week beginning 2 september

Sue Woodger 02-Sep-2013

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Polopoly: CMS Usage Information
Z. ISG - University Website (UWP) (Closed)
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