Project Brief

With 650+ publishers, covering 80+ units and over 50,000 pages (and growing) of content in Polopoly, the University has delivered a truly scalable Content management system.

As we are now planning a move to a new content management system (Drupal) there are key areas of Polopoly system information that are currently unavailable to the programme team. To successfully make this move, we need understand in more detail what content, images, documents, structures, users, workflows, etc. make up the websites that we publish through Polopoly.

We also want to know about who is using the system when and what tasks are they completing. This will help us baseline the current load and inform the requirements for the new CMS. For example how many users are accessing the CMS at the same time? What are the most common activities completed? How does this affect the performance of the system?

This information (and the relevant exports) will help the UWP complete a comprehensive content audit and allow editors to work effectively and efficiently throughout the migration phase.

It should be noted that a successful migration of the website content to the Drupal CMS is dependant on the success of this CMS usage information project.


link to project brief v0.2 pdf


Milestones as agreed at approved Project Brief 26 Sep 13



Target dateTitle
27-Sep-2013Planning Milestone
11-Oct-2013R+D review
24-Jan-2014Build Review
14-Feb-2014Integration Review
28-Feb-2014Acceptance Review
07-Mar-2014Deployment date
14-Mar-2014Deployment Review
28-Mar-2014Closure Review


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Polopoly: CMS Usage Information
Z. ISG - University Website (UWP) (Closed)
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Tim Gray
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Dawn Ellis
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