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EdWeb release 4 delivered

This is an update on the project to replace the current Polopoly Content Management System (CMS). As planned, the new CMS EdWeb is now in release 4.  The latest release includes forms, additional CMS functionality and improved performance for larger sites. The fifth and final release is planned for the end of July 2015. There are now approximately 60 site migrated to EdWeb. This functionality included in this will allow the next migration phase to start. Over 170 sites are to be migrated in the next phase. 

Tim Gray 22-May-2015
EdWeb CMS Release 3 delivered

This is an update on the project to replace the current Polopoly Content Management System (CMS). The new CMS EdWeb is now in release 3. There are another 2 releases planned in the project, at the end of May and beginning of August.

Tim Gray 08-Apr-2015
New Software Solution To Support University Website Migration

A new service called Varnish has been successfully deployed for the University Website as part of the project work to deliver a new University-wide Web Content Management System (CMS). The new service is responsible for routing all web traffic through to the correct CMS. The new service will allow the project team to manage the migration process as sites are continually migrated over to the new Web CMS.

The migration process will start in late November/early December 2014 and will complete in late 2015.

Tim Gray 23-Sep-2014
New Project To Replace University Web Site Content Management System

A new project has started to replace the University web site wide content manafement system (CMS) Polopoly. The project will use an "Agile" development methodology to develop a new CMS using the open source Drupal CMS solution. The development project starts now after successful proof of concept and requirements gathering projects last year.

The new Drupal based CMS will offer:

Tim Gray 10-Sep-2013

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