The‘cookie law’ (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) is a piece of privacy law that requires websites to obtain consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer. It is intended to protect online privacy, by making consumers aware of how information about them is collected by websites, and enable them to choose whether or not they want to allow it to take place.

In response to this new law, the University has reviewed its website for pages using cookies and formulated a plan to comply with the new law by means of warnings and application changes to ensure that privacy invasive cookies are not placed on users’ computers without their knowledge and implied consent. The University's Website Governance Group ratified the UWP recommendation that we work to remove all instances of privacy invasive cookie use.

his project is one of various initiatives are taking place within UWS and the wider organisation.

The brief was signed off and the investigation into the identified options for Campus Maps proceeded to plan. The investigation was completed at End June with the recommendation that the option to upgrade Google Maps from V2 to V3 provided the appropriate solution to the problem. This has been approved by the project sponsor

As the initial brief only covered the investigation into options for Campus Maps, a scope change will be raised to increase the project budget for the work by Development, Apps Management and Project Services to agree, plan, schedule and complete the work recommended in the investigation.

Testing and implementation will be carried out by Communications and Marketing but no discussion on dates has been possible due to staff holidays.

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October 2012 BLUE 24.5 days 26.0 days 0.0

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Polopoly Updates for Cookie Legislation
Z. ISG - University Website (UWP) (Closed)
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Stephen Conlon
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Dawn Ellis
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