In spring 2011, improvements to the speed of the Polopoly interface were being investigated.

The upgrade project was one avenue being explored, but another was to change the way the underlying code worked so that Ajax could be introduced to speed up interface response times.

Mairi Fraser worked with Ana Heyn under our support budget into work through these enhancements and roll them out onto the TEST server. Following an initial round of UAT, a number of bugs were discovered that needed further investigation.

However, shortly after these bugs were logged, no further work could be completed as TEST was now being used for pre-upgrade testing. This work was complete in Dec 2011.

These enhancements (lead by Mairi), remain incomplete and could significantly reduce the time on task for the majority of the users (550+) working in Polopoly.


Objectives and Deliverables

  • To review the progress that was made in spring 2011 and to complete the bug fixes initially outlined (Unidesk I110301-0090).
  • Re-deploy the revised code to TEST so that a rerun of the UAT can be completed.
  • Once sign off deploy to LIVE.


Success Criteria

  • Key aspects of the Polopoly interface respond more quickly than before.
  • Enhancements that were begun in spring 2011 are completed


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
January 2013 BLUE 5.5 days 5.5 days 0.0

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Ajax Enhancements
Z. ISG - University Website (UWP) (Closed)
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Tim Gray
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Dawn Ellis
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