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Project Manager (Owner)

IS Applications - Project Services

Tim Gray

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IS Applications - Project Services

Sheila Fraser

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University Website Serice

Miles MacCalman

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Dawn Ellis


Project Review

In advance of starting the business analysis on the Polopoly development project UWS002 - Ajax/speed enhancements, UWS ran a number of speed tests to baseline the current response times.

What UWS discovered is that the majority of the time the Polopoly interface responds under 1 sec, but on some occasions (2-3 times inconsistently over a fortnight) this can be extended to 400-600 seconds. It seems that the response times may be affected by network traffic, DB or application server load. To investigate this further, UWS  are working with Production to set up monitoring tools on the DB and application server for a period of time to see if slowness can picked up and an answer found.

With this discovery in mind, embarking on the Ajax enhancements for purely speed improvements would not be best use of developer time. Software Development did indicate that other benefits could be gained, but having shared this with Neil and Lizzie we feel that it's not worth the 53 days developer effort + plus 8-10 days of UWS user testing to improve the Polopoly user experience in this way.

This project will now be closed with the balance of 48 days transferred to the balance row.

Objectives, Deliverables and Scope

The Terms of Reference identified the objectives and deliverables as noted below:

To review the progress that was made in spring 2011 and to complete the bug fixes initially outlined (Unidesk I110301-0090).



New or Changed (Y/N)

PrioritySuccess criteria


Improve the response time of key aspects of the Polopoly interface.


MBaseline current response times for key activities


To review the progress that was made in spring 2011 and to complete the bug fixes initially outlined (UniDesk I110301-0090).


MSet goals for improvements to baseline response times


Re-deploy the revised code to TEST so that a rerun of the UAT can be completed.


MConfirm that agreed improvements have been achieved with no impact to functionality or content (new or existing)


Once sign off deploy to LIVE.


MWorking as expected on LIVE


The scope of this project was to take the changes outlined in the UniDesk from support and draft in a Business Requirements Document together with risks and implications of these changes. Development Services will estimate the areas where improvement can be made and where possible also estimate the performance improvement.

The project will then work to implement these changes in DEV, TEST and LIVE.


This project was scheduled to be deployed after the changes to the text editor in UWS003 were deployed to LIVE in the first quarter of 2013.

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 53 days

Staff Usage Actual: 5 days

Staff Usage Variance: 91%

Other Resource Estimate: 0 days

Other Resource Actual: 0 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

Key Learning Points:

Outstanding issues:

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