The Wiki is a core service much in use by all areas of the university. There are over 800 sites and up to 18,000 page views per day.  The upgrade is required because:

·Regular updates to the software are needed to keep the software secure, stable, reliable, responsive and functional.

·We need to be on a version of Confluence that the vendor Atlassian are supporting in order to receive assistance with issues.

·The end of life support date for Confluence 3.5 is Sept 6, 2013, too early to be addressed by 2013-14 project -


This proposal aims for a single upgrade to take us to the latest stable version of Confluence (v4.0). This is a major release increment but since there are no intervening releases, the upgrade process will be simpler than the previous upgrade project.  Effort will also be reduced by reusing DR Process and benchmarking of capacity from the previous upgrade project, and because of the recent familiarity with wiki upgrade for the staff concerned.


This project will consider implementing enhancements to groups management within the wiki, taking advantage of the new Identity Management system and Central Auth as a means for users to use pre-existing, auto-maintained groups within the Identity Management system.  This was a planned outcome of the previous project, but was unachievable without major upheaval, because Confluence 3.5 supports externally or internally managed groups, but not both.   Confluence 4.0 enables us to support externally managed groups, but manage the transition to these gradually, continuing support for internally managed groups for as long as they are required by the mainstream user base.


Management of existing groups within the wiki service will need to be considered in any future deprecation of internally managed groups. The WebCT plugin will be affected by any move to stop maintaining groups within the wiki.  This project will not aim to redevelop this plugin, but the effects will need to be managed.


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September 2012 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Wiki Upgrade
Z. ISG - Web Integration (WIT) (Closed)
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David Watters
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Simon Marsden
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