Wiki Upgrade Task LIST

A list of who is doing what and when and noting when it was done.


Please feel free to amend format etc.

** NOTE: start and completion dates for the previous upgrade attempt in brackets


17/02/201411amSubmit service alertSubmitted - check that is published 17/12/2014 Alain
08/01/2014 UAT signoff   Morna/Arthur
19/02/2014   DONE 
27/01/2014 Change  service alert as required   Morna
28/01/2014 Identify top 20 calendards (search by macro)   WIT - Alain
28/02/201417:00Make old wiki read-only as per Disable API and stop IDM updates ( (8:00)17:00Riky
28/02/201418:00Stop old Wiki. Change AJP port. Start old Wiki. Disable rsync jobs and SSH keys between sites. Backup all codeUpgrading on AT, no need to alter AJP ports. rsync and SSH keys already disabled from first attempt(8:10)18:00Riky
28/02/201418:05Start Datapump backup of old WIKILIVE (8:05)18:05,  01:10Riky
28/02/201419:30Start copy of WIKILIVE backup to new DB infrastructure (10:15)20:55, 04:15Riky
28/02/201420:00Export all calendars from old WIKILIVE to ics files (create archive and email them to Alain and Arthur) (11:50)17:45Riky
28/02/201420:45Start import of old WIKILIVE backup into new empty WIKILIVE database (11:30)23:05, 07:50 Riky
28/02/201421:30Start upgrade on wikiat1, connecting to new WIKILIVE DB, as per Implementation Plan (14:25)08:50Riky
28/02/201419:30Re-activate API ?Not reactivating API unless instructed by WIT -Riky
01/03/201410amUpgrade complete on AT. Ensure JDK7 used, new Healthcheck copied, global layout site decorator set to default, start re-indexing  12:30Riky
01/03/201411am5.1.5 LIVE Wiki available to Service Management - Riky to inform Service Management + send access details. Riky to txt Arthur and Alain (we will email mobile numbers)5.1.5 Wiki usable, but some tasks still taking place - performance may be impacted 12:40Riky
01/03/201412pmBrief UAT/sanity check (see: )Before progress with config, check that upgrade has been successful


1 hour (estimated time based on rehearsal) Arthur and Alain
01/03/20141pmService Management to sign-off on the Wiki upgrade before other work continuesGO/NO-GO point - decision by WIT  WIT
01/03/20143pmAdd dsgwiki grants. Configure DataGuard and test failover between DB sites. Ensure /etc/init.d/wiki is updated on both app servers (17:00)(17:40)Riky
01/03/2014N/AModify robots.txt as per as part of first attemptMon (16:05)(16:10)Riky
01/03/20145pmAdd missing email addresses from IDM as per DB link to IDMLIVE, must remove link and CREATE LINK privileges after update  Riky
02/03/20149am  DONEWIT - Martin

Apply config settings so as per 2.10 set-up and as in UAT plan 3.5

  • turn off anonomous API

Note - Jira WEB004-28

Rehearsing on live box timeing out when attempting to test and apply config settings. A bit show but gets there.

15 mins at rehearsal Arthur do, Alain check
  • Install plugins (see plugins table on TEST wiki)
  • DON'T install themebuilder
  • Apply licence keys (Arthur to give Alain and Martin access to myatlassian account)
  • Install Martin's scrollbar user macro
  • Ask DevTech (Riky) to re-run manual Wiki Markup -> XHTML routine after all plugins installed
Riky taking all plugins and macros from test, installing on live and applying license keys.  WIT (some by Riky as part of upgrade)

Run UAT tests on new LIVE

  • Test martin's ScrollBar user macro

Arthur (3.1, 3.2, 3.4 (plugins i-n)

Alain (3.3, 4.1 (plugins a-h) )

Martin (4.1 Plugins o-z, 4.1 Functionality))

Alain (4.2 IDM (Add/modify/remove vistor user ))

GO/NO-GO point - decision by WIT

  WIT - Arthur, Martin and Alain
  • Re-import priority calendars (do two calendars to prove/confirm process)
Identify priority calendars (top 20)  Alain
02/03/2014 Test Google can access Calendars (create google cal and associate with team calendar)   WIT - Arthur and Alain

Configuration changes:

  • Enable "did you mean" feature
  • Disable "change password" feature
  • Disable "mobile" plugin
   WIT - Alain
  • backup and remove the old wiki help and guidance space (already done prior to upgrade)
  • import wiki help and guidance archived copy from test (CONF25) into LIVE (see: ) - this should already have been done as part of UAT section 3.4 importing a space)
  • add FAQ link to main nav bar in the global theme template (Arthur supply Riky with include file) Attached to this page

rehearsal times

  • backup 10 mins
  • remove 15 mins
  • import new 15 mins

WIT - AW and Alain

02/03/20144.15pmFix WML in wiki dashboard to remove broken macros   WIT AW and AF
02/03/20145pmReenable Oracle Automated Maintenance Tasks via Grid for WIKILIVECurrently disabled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday  Riky
03/03/20149amService Management to sign-off on the Wiki + extra stuff before released to users    WIT
03/03/20149amInform Riky new LIVE is ready for switchover and get signoff from  Ana   WIT 
03/03/20149-10amRe-activate API? Backup all code. SCP 5.1.5 Wiki (plus milestones, plus JDK7) to KB (2.10.1, wiki-env-opts and data must be renamed first!). Stop 2.10.1. Rename wiki-env-opts and data. Recreate symlinks. Re-enable cron, and fix SSH keys. Start Wiki now available to users  Riky
03/03/20149-10amSanity checking of LIVE 5.1.5GO/NO-GO point - decision by Martin  WIT & Riky
03/03/201410amAnnounce upgrade complete (draft message and circulate to MM,SM,AF,MF   WIT - Arthur
03/03/201411amStart new IDM and Learn connectors. Request Unix update the start-up script.   Riky
03/03/20144pmDelete spaces highlighted for deletion (low priority)Jira WEB004-44, WEB004-102, I131010-0826  WIT - Alain, Napiers


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