The online experience of University members is currently highly fragmented.  The two most important fragments are the University Website (UWS) and MyEd.

  • The University Website (UWS)
    • Unauthenticated end-users
    • Hosts a large amount of support information for University services
  • The University Portal (MyEd)
    • Authenticated users – University members
    • Access to online services, personalised information, and notifications

A clear vision for online student experience has been set out in a recent report on the Student Experience Project by Sheila Green:

Students have easy access to consistently high quality online information and services, which meet or exceed their expectations at a place, time and in a way that meets their individual needs.    There is a major opportunity to create a consistent user experience between the UWS and MyEd, because:

  • The University now has Global Experience Language (GEL) including
    • Recommended approaches to a range of common UI patterns
    • A reference implementation in Twitter Bootstrap
  • The theme of the new UWS applies the GEL implementation of Bootstrap
  • The latest version of uPortal, the platform MyEd is based-on, has a responsive theme based on Bootstrap

Grasping this opportunity would address the problem of the current mismatch between the user interfaces of the UWS and MyEd:

  • In 2015 the University Website (UWS) will:
    • Be fully responsive
    • Conform to the University GEL
  • The University Portal (MyEd)
    • Has a new mobile interface, but is not yet responsive
    • Does not conform the University GEL

The project also seeks to better integrate MyEd and the UWS by:

  • Designing and implementing a shared information architecture
  • Showing key information in MyEd to authenticated users of the UWS
  • Providing an unauthenticated view of MyEd, using uPortal “guest” layout

The ultimate aim is making MyEd into “the part of University website you log-in to”.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
September 2017 GREEN 475.0 days 531.2 days 1.0

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Responsive MyEd and EdWeb Integration
Digital Transformation - User Centred Portal and Notifications
Management Office
Project Manager
Karen Stirling
Project Sponsor
Martin Morrey
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