Closure Report

Project Summary

This project was initiated to ensure that the underlying framework for MyEd is up to date, starting by carrying out an assessment of the suitability and complexity of the upgrades then to carrying out the upgrades themselves.

This project has successfully completed:

  • The assessments
  • Upgrade to uPortal v5.0
  • Upgrade to React
  • Upgrade to JDK to OpenJDK v1.8.0_262

The start of the project encountered some issues around developer availability, the SAS020 MyEd Finance Channel project had requested the developer's time to complete a piece or work in March before being paused, resulting in resource being re-allocated to complete the assessment work in April.

The JDK upgrade went ahead as planned in February on DEV and TEST, but errors highlighted a dependency on uPortal being upgraded, so a rollback was carried out and the JDK upgrade re-scheduled to take place after uPortal in each environment.

The completed assessments for uPortal, React, and Notifications found no issues to be of any concern in upgrading. The order in which the upgrades would be carried out were reviewed and the React and uPortal upgrades in DEV commenced in May. Upgrades to TEST were carried out in June, with UAT completed in July. The deployment to LIVE was carried out at the end of July, with JDK being upgraded in early August. The upgrades have been successful, both in execution and the in use afterwards.

The lessons learned from WPS004 noted that it would be more efficient with one developer rather than splitting development time between two. This worked well in WPS006 as the developer was able to concentrate a larger chunk of their time on the project, rather than have the continued start / stop associated with having smaller time slots. 

A note of thanks must go to the project team who put in the hard work to make the multiple upgrades possible.


Objectives and Deliverables

Number Description Priority Owner Achieved?
Objective 1

To continue working on the outstanding issue from WPS004 - the MyEd LIVE navigation issue  


Resolve MyEd navigation Live deployment issue covered in Jira 54:

Should Software Dev / Dev Tech YES
Objective 2 To  assess and upgrade uPortal      
D2.0 Assess if there are any fixes or changes Unicon can make for the uPortal upgrade Must Software Dev YES
D2.1 Fixes applied by Unicon prior to the uPortal Upgrade Must Software Dev N/A
D2.2 Upgrade uPortal Must Software Dev YES
Objective 3

To upgrade to Open JDK


Complete the upgrade to Open JDK 

Must Dev Tech YES
Objective 4 To assess and upgrade React in this project if viable      

Upgrade assessment for React

Must Software Dev YES
D4.1 Upgrade React Must Software Dev YES
Objective 5 To assess and move Notifications to Open Source in this project if viable      
D5.0 Assessment to Notifications Must Software Dev (to be updated on doc review)
D5.1 Move Notifications to Open Source Could Software Dev NO
Objective 6 To research, document and implement if viable - improvements to the student and staff interface      

User research carried out by WAC. Review of student interface from previously identified issues, documented and estimated.

Must Website & Communications


Testing done by student intern, documented but not estimated.


User research carried out by WAC. Review of staff interface from previously identified issues, documented and estimated

Must Website & Communications No - resource unavailable to complete in this project
D6.2 Carry out the improvements documented in D6.0 to the student interface Should Software Dev No
D6.3 Carry out the improvements documented in D6.1 to the staff interface Should Software Dev No
Objective 7 Review whether it would be beneficial to move to using Containers      
D7.0 Analysis carried out by Software Development on the suitability of moving to containers Must Software Dev YES
D7.1 Configure to use Containers Could Software Dev NO

Deliverables D6.0 was completed to the estimation stage, this can be carried over to another project where an estimation can be made.

Deliverable 6.1 was not completed as the resource was not available in this project.


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 100 days

Staff Usage Actual: 121 days


Explanation for Variance

Project extensions caused by resourcing issues that occurred during the first period of the project have lead to extra days needed to complete at the end, and a requirement for time in the 2021/22 financial year. The resourcing issues were caused by a higher priority finance project requiring developer time before being paused.

There was a rollback required for the JDK upgrade after it was found to be dependant on the uPortal upgrade.

There was an extension to the closure period as there was documentation to be completed.




Key Learning Points

Issue Key Learning Point
UAT ended up being carried out over July and was rushed to meet deployment deadline UAT needs to be a long enough period in order to fully test the upgrade, but also if it is carried out over the holiday period, there needs to be adequate business cover to be able to complete this.
Deployment milestone had to be moved due to exams At the start of the project, PM to take note of exam dates to plan the deployments around this
After completing the JDK upgrade it was found that the upgrade was incompatible with the current version of uPortal, so had to be rolled back

With multiple upgrades within the same project, the release notes need to be reviewed to check compatibility between components to avoid a deployment / rollback then further deployment down the line.

Missing milestone for "Documentation review complete" may have prevented slippage at the closure stage

Create a milestone for "documentation review completed" before moving onto the next phase of the project. This will be a definite end point in the evaluation phase.

The assessment evaluation phase and start of the DEV upgrades need to have a period of time in-between to review and discuss the contents of the evaluation and what the project can implement.


Outstanding Issues

There are no outstanding issues, but the "Should" and "Could" have deliverables that have not been completed should be reviewed for inclusion in the next project.

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Project Info

Annual Portal Services Upgrade
ISG - Web and Portal Services Programme
Management Office
Project Manager
Chris Konczak
Project Sponsor
Stratos Filalithis
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