Over the past few years, the MyEd team has focused on completing the User-Centred Portal programme of work under Digital Transformation. The primary deliverables from this work have been: 

  • A new technical platform for MyEd, using a combination of uPortal and React 
  • Review of MyEd channels and content 
  • Research and development of a new interface targeted at students 

It is also critical that the underlying framework is up to date to ensure that security and any relevant legislative updates are implemented within a reasonable timescale.  The purpose of this project will be to review that framework and upgrade where necessary. The components to be reviewed for an upgrade include:

  • uPortal
  • Open JDK
  • React

User Studies have highlighted improvements required to the User interface. This project will review these requirements in an assessment piece of work with a view to include them in the development work 


Research / Analysis

Assessment on next version of uPortal: Benefits and risks of upgrading

Containerisation assessment: The benefits would be quicker live deployments with minimised downtime 

Assessment into the user research carried out, highlighting the pieces that could be carried out in this project - eg accessibility and analytics

The JIRAs created under the "2021/2022 Upgrade Project" will be reviewed for inclusion

Infrastructure / Application Upgrades Upgrades carried out to uPortal, Open JDK and React
Software Development The software development work will be driven by the Research / Analysis phase
  The project will pickup Unidesk number I210308-0132 as this was to be completed by the same developer. This call is to resolve the basic authentication Email and Calendar use to connect to Office 365 Exchange Service. Microsoft are to disable basic authentication in October 2022 . The project will request a transfer of days from the KSR budget to cover this.

Out of scope

  • Upgrade Notifications to open source. This is a large piece of work and will be carried out in a separate project
  • Any fixes that have not been directly caused by the upgrade or development work of this project.

Objectives and Deliverables

Number Description Priority Owner
Objective 1 To resolve the basic authentication Email and Calendar use to connect to Office 365 Exchange Service. Microsoft will disable basic authentication in October 2022.    
D1.0 Refactor MyEd components to use the Microsoft Graph API: Unidesk Call number I210308-0132 Must Software Dev
Objective 2 To assess and upgrade uPortal    
D2.0 Assess the benefits and risks of upgrading uPortal Must Software Dev
D2.1 Upgrade uPortal Should Software Dev
Objective 3 To assess and upgrade React    
D3.0 Upgrade assessment for React Must Software Dev
D3.1 Upgrade React Should Software Dev
Objective 4 To assess and upgrade to Open JDK    
D4.0 Upgrade assessment for Open JDK Must Dev Tech
D4.1 Complete the upgrade to Open JDK  Must Dev Tech
Objective 5 Review whether it would be beneficial to move to using Containers    
D5.0 Analysis carried out by Software Development on the suitability of moving to containers Should Software Dev
Objective 6 To review the JIRAs for inclusion in the development phase    
D6.0 Assess and estimation on the following JIRAs for inclusion in the software development phase Must Software Dev
D6.1 JIRA 28: Update/Fix Unit tests on all projects and Gradle does not run tests by default as part of its build process. Should Software Dev
D6.2 JIRA 84: Notification titles can overflow when viewed on mobile devices Should Software Dev
D6.3 JIRA 5: Google analytics does not always capture the portlet name correctly Should Software Dev
D6.4 JIRA 38: Google analytics - event categories for danger/warning messages Should Software Dev
D6.5 JIRA 37: Review portlet log levels on pre-Prod environments Should Software Dev / Dev Tech
D6.6 JIRA 14: Containerisation Should Software Dev / Dev Tech
D6.7 JIRA 43: Hitting enter does not submit a discovered search Should Software Dev
D6.8 JIRA 102: Assess effort required to implement design system on MyEd Must Software Dev
D6.9 JIRA 33: Notifications Analytics Should Software Dev
D6.10 JIRA 105: Favourites star is not highlighted when using keyboard navigation Should Software Dev
D6.11 JIRA 104: Make search bar more visible Should Software Dev
Objective 7 To review the switch to Google Analytics 4 on MyEd    
D7.0 Assess and estimation on the switch to Google Analytics 4 on MyEd. Must  
D7.1 JIRA 93: Investigate how Google Tag Manager and GA4 can be implemented on MyEd - should this deliverable be actioned, the minimum would be to get it running on DEV Should Software Dev


  • MyEd will align with ongoing strategic work happening around the University. Owner: Service Owner
  • MyEd will continue to respond to user requirements, building on the improved experience we delivered in the previous projects. Owner: Service Manager
  • Upgrade to uPortal and React will ensure continued compliance
  • Improvements to the usability of the user interface

Success Criteria

  • Successful delivery of all "Must" deliverables
  • Required maintenance and compliance work for MyEd is completed
  • MyEd will continue to work as expected

Project Milestones

Plan Planning signoff 14-Jan-2022
Build Office 365 resolve basic authentication for Email and Calendar 28-Jan-2022
Integrate Office 365 deploy to TEST and rework complete 03-Feb-2022
Deliver Office 365 fix deploy to LIVE 08-Feb-2022
Analyse Assessment for uPortal, React, Open JDK and Containers 18-Feb-2022
Analyse Assessment of software development JIRAs complete 25-Feb-2022
Build Google Analytics 4 implemented on MyEd 11-Mar-2022
Build React, uPortal, JDK Upgrade - DEV 25-Mar-2022
Integrate uPortal, React and JDK Integration Testing complete 08-Apr-2022
Accept uPortal, Open JDK and React UAT Complete 29-Apr-2022
Deliver Software Dev sprint 1 13-May-2022
Deliver Software Dev sprint 2 27-May-2022
Deliver Deploy to LIVE: uPortal and React 31-May-2022
Deliver Open JDK Deploy to LIVE 07-Jun-2022
Deliver Software Dev sprint 3 24-Jun-2022
Deliver Maintenance Sprint 01-Jul-2022
Deliver Deployments Sprint 07-Jul-2022
Deliver Deployment Sign Off Review 22-Jul-2022
Close Closure 29-Jul-2022


Project Info

Annual Portal Services Upgrade
ISG - Web and Portal Services Programme
Management Office
Project Manager
Chris Konczak
Project Sponsor
Stratos Filalithis
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority