List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
P0347 Transition resources Not Started Initiate Donna Murray 08-Apr-2021
HSD003 HSD003: Website reviews - FSU Not Started Initiate Candice Schmid 09-Feb-2017
SEPFTP006 Target Operating Model (TOM) Closed Close Ana Eden 08-Jan-2018
SAS013 Comprehensive Student Timetabling Closed Close Swati Chauhan 10-Apr-2018
HRS075 HR & Payroll Annual Maintenance 13/14 Closed Close Anne Mathison 24-Sep-2013
SRS-Web-1718 13.4 SRS Website Improvements In Progress Execute Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Nov-2017
BAY208 Establish a ‘virtual window’ for the collective technical expertise of the University (focus on local, UK and overseas investment in R&A activity supported by SDI) In Progress Execute Lee Wilson 01-Aug-2019
LTI006 Diversifying the curriculum with student-led remix and reuse OER Closed Close Jo Spiller 09-Feb-2016
REF3 5.1 Waste Reduction Communications In Progress Execute Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 23-Aug-2019
DTI041 Develop and Deploy Document Managment System Withdrawn Initiate Andrew Stewart 15-Aug-2018
API004 Enterprise Data Services Closed Close Richard Good 23-Nov-2015
TEL036 Learning Design Service: Development and Implementation Not Started Initiate Fiona Hale 01-Feb-2016
P0321 Guidance for Benefits Management Not Started Initiate Rhian Davies 01-Jul-2019
SAC008 SLC 3 Attendance Confirmations Withdrawn Initiate Brenda Kutereba 23-Aug-2012
USD015 File Server Migration Closed Close Neil Bruce 04-Feb-2014
MVM125 Connectivity - Off-campus In Progress Execute Alan Gilchrist 04-Feb-2019
EST100 BIM Strategic Review Not Started Initiate Derrick Matheson 18-Jun-2018
API033 PDF generation-storage as a Service In Progress Execute Gregory Carter 16-Jan-2018
SAC027 SFC Outcome Agreements Additional Requirements Withdrawn Plan Christopher Burnett 05-Nov-2013
DTI023 Enterprise APIs - Analysis and Requirements Withdrawn Initiate Chris Copner 07-Dec-2017
P0244 Statistics - Unlocking Data Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 08-Nov-2015
P0245 Cats and Dogs Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 01-Feb-2016
FTPLL Supply Chains and Good Food Living Lab Projects In Progress Deliver Alexis Heeren 17-Aug-2018
SEPFTP016 Research TOM Implementation In Progress Initiate Greg Malkin 01-Oct-2019
HSD004 HSD004: Website reviews - Health and Wellbeing Not Started Initiate Candice Schmid 09-Feb-2017